10 Things We Can Do To Protect The birds?

Birds are some of the beautiful creatures in nature. They are cheerful and brighten up our mornings. Birds are important parts of the ecosystem. They are also available in variety because many kinds of species try to live co-independently in one particular area. However, because of some human errors, the creatures are dying. As birds are delicate creatures and have a lot of predators they are more vulnerable than many other creatures living near humans. So what and all can we do to save the birds. Here are some points which you can follow.

1. Make your surroundings bird-friendly

Birds like to live in places where there are a lot of trees. Many species of birds do not know how to survive in places filled with man-made objects.  So why not make your area friendlier to birds by planting more trees. You can also take some measures to hide the wires and other things that can make the birds feel threatened. You can keep your pets indoors also. Some birds avoid places where there are dogs and cats. Therefore, you can limit the time your pets spend outside to encourage the birds to have a good time near your area.

2. Food and shelter

Some birds like sparrows and pigeons love to build their nest on small shelters like secluded sheds and crevices in the buildings. So you can try to build bird feeders and shelters for the birds which appeal to them. There are a lot of DIY tips available to build excellent bird feeders with everyday materials. You can also provide water for the birds as they like to take a bath and relax in hot summers. It is also a good sight to see.

3. Do not buy endangered bird species

Not only animals’ birds are also the victim of illegal trades. Some traders sell endangered bird species to get a lot of money. It always goes to the highest bidder who wants to flaunt the species he has bought. This stops the birds from pairing with their mates and it ultimately leads to extinction. Many exotic birds are near extinction because of such practices. So we have to avoid buying such birds because they belong to their original habitat.

4. Slow down the noise

Birds avoid places where there is a lot of noise and commotion. It is sometimes deafening to them because of their sensitive hearing ability. In some places eventhough there is an important celebration, the locals have refrained from bursting crackers because they do not want to scare off the migratory birds. In many places, people of small communities are following these good things to keep the birds in their area safe and sound. So you can also slow down the stereo and TV volumes for the sake of birds in your area.

5. Save trees to save birds

Cutting down trees is tearing down the homes of bird population. Many birds live on trees and build a nest to lay eggs. This, in turn, gives a new generation of birds. Then it keeps the bird species in balance. However, cutting down of trees disrupts the balance. So you can try to plant more trees and avoid cutting trees. This will offer life to many birds.

6. Prevent the use of toxic pesticides

The pesticides and chemicals we use in our garden are sometimes not harmful to us but they are poisonous to the birds. If a bird eats the seed or fruit from the tree or plants it will affect its health and may lead to its death. So to save birds you can use natural methods that are good for the plants as well for the birds.

7. Limiting the use of energy

The energy we use causes radiation waves which can harm the birds. It affects their life span and makes the species get extinct. So limit the use of energy to save birds because a little sacrifice on your side can save the lives of many bird species in your area.


Birds are friendly creatures because if we feed them for a few days continuously they start to trust you. They are also brilliant because they remember many details even though their brain is tiny. So to save such extraordinary creatures we have to follow the points above.

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