5 Reasons Your Mattress Won’t Let You Sleep

Your daily sleep routine is most importantly dependent upon the characteristics of your mattress. The mattress that produces the most conducive sleeping environment for you is the ideal mattress that you must choose. However most people experience the exact opposite situation, i.e., their mattress gives them a lot of problems affecting the sleep routine. This, in turn, has direct consequences on the quality of lifestyle, health condition, immunity, etc. But to avoid all these adversaries, it is essential first to know what exactly is going wrong in your mattress that is not letting you sleep.

5 Causes of Sleeping Problems Caused by Your Mattress

1. Allergies

When you sleep regularly on a mattress, different effluents from your body like Sweat, Dead Skin Cells, Hairs, etc. are bound to accumulate in various parts of the mattress. Besides that, there are also certain other factors like dust, dirt, etc. factors of the surrounding environment.

All of these factors collectively lead to the large scale production of mites and other microscopic organisms in your mattress. And what is worse is that as you can’t see most of these organisms, you kind of get used to sleeping with their existence, without knowing that they are slowly growing day by day.

As a result, ultimately you end up suffering from insanely annoying allergies which just won’t let you sleep.

2. Faulty Ergonomics of the Mattress

Ergonomics refer to whether the overall structure of your mattress is accustomed to providing the best support at different crucial places on your body like the hips, the back, neck, etc. Ergonomics thus consider the degree of motion available for you while sleeping.

The positioning of your body whether it is too much pressed into the mattress surface or moderately pressed, etc. Thus, if the ergonomics of the mattress aren’t well planned, then you are bound to suffer Back Pain, Neck Pain, etc.

3. Firm Surface

Whilst you are asleep, you are putting your entire body weight on to the mattress. So if the mattress is completely firm or hard, it will cause a lot of pain at your joint areas which carry most of your body weight. This will, in turn, cause joint pain.

4. Mattress Materials not Breathable

You might have at times experienced that at night it gets extremely hot real fast and you are drenched in sweat in no time. This happens due to the lack of breathable material on the surface of your mattress.

Moreover, it, if your mattress is memory foam or simple foam mattress, it kind of hugs around your body, not allowing the heat released from your body to get liberated easily which again causes sweating and discomfort during sleep.

5. Unaccommodating Dimensions

The least considered factor which often turns out to matter the most is the dimensions of your mattress. Since people underrated this aspect, they end up buying a mattress which is smaller in size than the required dimension.

To ensure the perfect dimensions, you must analyze your bed’s dimensions first and then search for the best top mattress for your bed available in the market.


One of the prime causes affecting your sleep is an Old and faulty mattress. It creates a lot of problems such as district allergies, pain in the back, pain in joints, increased stress levels and anxiety disorders, etc.

Lack of breathable material in the mattress causes sudden heat around the body and thereafter causes extreme sweating. All these problems ultimately disrupt your daily sleep routine, thereby affecting the quality of your life.

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