6 Things You Wouldn’t Do With Your Gift Card

Receiving a gift card is nonetheless more than a stroke of luck. Spending it on buying a good thing and in the right place can bring you joy and sites like (https://prizehog.net/) provide you amazing offers of easy money and gift cards. Gift cards are very precious for most people, and they know how to get the best out of it. Also, these cards tempt you to cart every item you have been willing to buy for a long time. At times, we end up doing unproductive things that serve no useful purpose for the gift card received. It might arise as a distraction crash while getting an ecstasy feeling if we didn’t plan them well. If you have got a gift card on a special occasion and you are confused about where to use it.

Here are some of the things you are missing out and should be doing with your gift card: –

 1. For Paying the Bills

Stuffing in your cards and waiting for the perfect time? Bring it out of your wallet and spend it on paying your bills. Ask your retailer if you could convert the card amount into cash and enjoy ample benefits like using it to get groceries or shopping or for filling up the fuel. During the process, make sure to be aware of the scams going around the digital world. Do not pay to any other website asking you to pay with your gift cards as it could be scammers waiting to loot you.

 2. Exchanging the card at a Gift Exchange Website

There are ample of websites round the corner that help you transfer your voucher for a preferable one. If you purchase a gift voucher of a less amount then, you would always have some remaining cash balance. This balance will be added to your account that you can use further.

 3. Pass it On

If you are having a problem with the issuer’s refund policy, then you must apply for this option. The word “gift” itself says it all. Give the card to someone who you think would make perfect use of it. You can make your loved ones happy without even spending a penny. Or, you can always donate it to the needy without getting it wasted. There are many Non-Profit Organizations where you can give it. This may also be helpful to them in raising funds.

 4. Returning It to the Retailer

There is no use of the gift voucher if it is kept in the corner of your room. Take the gift card to your retailer without the guarantee of getting a full refund on it i.e., 90% refund or even less. Sometimes the retailer gives you a credit receipt which avails you to buy anything from the store or their outlets. Ask the issuer who gave you the revenue if he could get you a refund. If the retailer denies in doing so, re-selling it to someone who needs it else could be a better option then.

5. Using it on your Mobile phone 

Carrying your gift card all the time with yourself is tricky as you may end up losing it. Instead, use your smartphone to be updated. Download GoWallet through the Play Store app and avail its benefits of online shopping or paying at the counter. There are many other applications like Google Wallet and Apple Passbook that offer gift card facilities on the mobile phone. Also, register everything on the wallet to prove that the voucher is authentic and are disconnected from all kinds of fraudulent activities related to the card. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry!

 6. Track the balance

After spending a couple of lattes and a scone, you should know the balance left on the card. It is always a wise choice to keep a systematic track record of your gift cards when you have them in lots or use them frequently. Otherwise, managing them becomes a tough task. At times you may also end up using the ones with the expiry dates. Hence, get updated with the gift card’s balance by visiting the issuer’s website or going through the scanning apps. These applications allow you to scan the cards and track the balance along with exchanging policy.

 So, now you know how perfectly you can use your gift cards so it is profitable and how you can get the most of it. Always keep them together at a place or phone application so that you can have access to it anytime. You can also keep it aside for a while and plan it for the next month. Make sure to redeem it within the period because the company might run out of business. Moreover, you can also set up reminders as per the schedule to use them before they are expired.

Consequently, being updated and purchasing everything from an “https” secured website would always reduce the risk of scamming, losing, or getting expired.