7 of The Interview Questions Which are Considered Illegal To Ask During An Interview

We all have been through thousands of interviews before in our life to get into those 9 to 5 job. If yes, then you also must be familiar with the fact that what types of questions were asked by your employer to determine your skills and capabilities. Seems nothing wrong right? But are you aware of some illegal questions which your employer might have asked you and you did not know about that? Do not worry if you don’t know or you haven’t heard of these illegal questions that you are not supposed to answer in most of the cases.

To know about those illegal questions, scroll down.

1. How old are you?

Well, this is a question which is asked by your employee just to know whether you are mature enough to be employed in an organization or not? But this is a sort of illegal question as it doesn’t mean if you are above 40, then you don’t have the age to work. If someone asks you about your age, they might be wanting to know about your previous work experience so that they may know whether you are the right fit for their organization or not?

2. Do you have children?

They ask this question to know whether you will be able to work for full time in the office or not or you will be taking leaves due to your kids. However, they can’t decide your employment based on this whether you have children or not. Do not answer if you are not willing to if you are asked.

3. Have you ever been arrested?

Now, this is something tricky. Interviewers are not supposed to ask anything regarding your arrest records. However, it is not illegal to ask if you have ever been convicted of a crime. You can answer this question if you want to if asked by your employer.

4. What is your sexual orientation?

Asking these types of questions are against fundamental rights of an individual or you may say like that it is against fundamental discrimination. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with your job. If an employer asks this question, they are clearly offside.

5. What religion do you belong?

Just like sexual orientation, your religion practice also has nothing to do with your work or tasks in the office. They might be asking you indirectly about to know about how many holidays do you take and on which festivals.

6. What is your marital status?

Though this question seems very simple and straight forward, answering it can disclose much of your information than you know. Just like asking about your children, asking this type of question might be an attempt to know about your availability during the office hours. You may answer this question if you are willing to answer and are comfortable

7. Do you smoke or drink socially?

Well, this question is asked by the employers to know about your lifestyle or any addictions if you have currently. This is an illegal question, you might choose to answer or not, depending upon you and your comfort.