7 Types Of Handbags For Different Occasions


Women don’t really need an excuse to buy handbags. One has the perfect space, and the other looks exquisite. It doesn’t matter how many handbags or purses you get, you’ll always have the urge to buy another one. The advantage of having multiple purses is that you can carry the perfect one according to the occasion. It can enhance the overall look and feels practical. So, browse some purses online and get the perfect one for the upcoming event. The wide variety can always get people to stare at your handbag.

Now, let’s learn about the 7 types of handbags and purses for different occasions that you should own right away:

  1. SHOULDER BAG: It is an everyday handbag for all the office and college going women. It has ample space to keep your the essentials. A shoulder bag is also useful while travelling because let’s face it, we love to carry everything inside our bags.
  2. FANNY PACK: Planning a hike-out with friends? This bag is the perfect option for such outings. You can attach it to the belt or wrap it around your chest. It will give you a hands-free experience. It has limited space to carry essentials like phone, keys, and money. Get a fanny pack when you don’t feel like carrying a bag around.
  3. SLING PURSE: Sling purses offer a perfect balance of a chic and practical look. They are classic for a day out with friends or while doing daily grocery shopping. Nowadays, there is a variety in sling purses available which makes one spoilt for choices.
  4. CLUTCH: It is a small purse to carry in your hand. Clutch purses have a very confined space to carry essential cards and cash. It is also available in a variety of options like chain string, small straps, etc.
  5. MINAUDIERE: This one looks like a jewellery case more than a handbag. It has a chain to hang on your shoulder, or you can get it without a sling too. Colours like gold and silver are in trend that can be carried to a party. Minaudiere looks elegant and chic to take in social gatherings.
  6. MAKEUP POUCH: If you are a makeup lover and carry it everywhere you go, then this one should be on your list. It is commonly a medium-sized pouch with different pockets and sections to keep cosmetics safe. So, no more of getting your makeup mixed up, and keep everything organized.
  7. LAPTOP BAG: It is a safer option if you are a workaholic. Different compartments and wide straps give a better and comfortable outlook. You can choose between professional and quirky styles, according to your taste. Extra pockets aid in keeping other kinds of stuff like files and wallets. 


These were the 7 types of handbags and purses for different occasions. Carrying the perfect type according to the event is practical. It helps in carrying the necessary things and keeps everything organized. Moreover, it presents a better fashion statement.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the perfect handbag or purse right away.