8 Must-Read Books By Celebrities Are Worth Reading

Books by celebrities are interesting. You do not need to know all the information about celebrities to read their books. The books, for the most part, contain the life struggle of the celebrities and what they believe in. The celebrities have more than meets the eye then the popularity they have. Sometimes the celebrities are wholly a different person behind the screen. We may think that a celebrity is outspoken however they are introverted in general. The celebrity with high net worth is a simple person in real life.

So here are the 8 Must-Read Books By Celebrities

1. The beautiful One written by Prince

Before his demise in 2016 that happened unexpectedly, Prince wrote a book. It is his autobiography that reveals specific details of his life unknown before. It is a personal life story of the man and how he struggled to become a legend. There are also some photos in the books of him never shown to the public. There are notes, sheets, and other personal items of the man depicted in the book. So if you are a fan of this extraordinary musician then this book is a good read for you.

2. Becoming written by Michelle Obama

This is a book that shares a glimpse of former first lady Michelle Obama’s early years. There are also details about life in the White House and how she tries to live a normal life with her girls even though surrounded by security all the time. She also shares how she studied and made herself accomplished. We all know how she urges girls to read and educate themselves. Surely this book is an inspiration to all women.

3. Born to Run written by Bruce Springsteen

The life of the musician Bruce Springsteen is completely represented in the book. His determination to achieve his dreams and his journey in America and many other experiences shared in the book. The book is a gripping tale and heart touching at some points. Add this book to the must-read list.

4. Where am I Now written by Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson is a girl who acted in the popular movie Matilda. She wanted to become a writer from a very young age. In this book, she shares about the death of her mother which was a huge loss in her life. Then the details of her journey to become a writer and how she is handling her blog page shared in the book.

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5. Naturally Tan written by Tan France

The popular man of Queer Eye has written this book. This is a story of him living as a gay in a Muslim family. He is also one of the few people of colour in the place. The book contains humour and also reveals the details about how he came out of the closet at age 34.

6. Guru written by Rupaul

RuPaul is a man who does not work with a set limit. He is a style icon who encourages people to know their self-worth and be happy with it. This book is truly an inspiration for all. So read this book and know what Rupaul has to say.

7. Inside Out written by Demi Moore

Demi Moore is a popular Hollywood actress well known for her glamour and style. This book shares about her struggles with addiction and the trauma that happened in her childhood days. This book is a first-person account of Moore herself so many details about her life presented to the readers.

8. The Last Black Unicorn written by Tiffany Haddish

This book reveals the very personal life details of the actress who is popular for her role in the film Girls Trip. The essays in the book are full of humour, positivity, and confidence. If you want to spend the day in a good and optimistic mood then read this book.


For all the book worms out there the list of books given here will prove to be good reads. Celebrity life stories show us what they did to get to the successful stage of their career. These books are inspiring.

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