8 of Our Quite Favorite Foods are Just Declared Bad for Weight Loss By Registered Dietitians

Cutting on heavy meals and high cholesterol is the one thing that we do for losing some extra pounds, but what if all our favorites fall into the list of simply bad category. Not just we need to avoid them we need to totally shun then we are thinking about losing any weight. This time we got a red signal even from the top known dieticians, who agreed that some foods are completely bad for weight loss and they even play a huge role in increasing the weight.

Look the list below and find out which of your favorite delicacy is bad enough even for the cheat days:

1. Soft Drinks and Sodas

When was the last time that you picked up a meal without pop or soda with it? Never happened right? Well, it turns out that soft drinks are the worst product for our health. They are full of sugar, making it quite high in calories this is why the accessive intake of these drinks cause obesity and diabetes.

2. French fries or chips

Sad to declare your favorite food items bad one by one. But after Soda, your biggest enemy is fried food. And sadly enough, when we say fries we mean all the deep-fried food you used to gorge on. Be it chips, chicken, finger food, etc., these are bad and result in high bad cholesterol.

3. Alcohol

Yeah, right. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines only should restrict to one drink in the day and men should stop at two. Alcohol is high in calories and devoid of nutritional values so they make a very bad impact on your diet.

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4. Bacon

Bacon and hot dogs are very high in saturated fat they shoot the risk of a heart attack. Bacon is the fattiest piece of the pork and this makes it bad for our cholesterol, no doubt this tasty piece of the pig is only good at clogging arteries.

5. Processed meat

As we learned about bacon and hot dogs, there is a piece of equally bad news about the processed meat items. Processed meat, even if it is lower in calories, it is bad for the human body. A carcinogen is found in processed meat which directly links to colorectal cancer. So, this makes processed meat high on risk for leading to cancer.

6. Sour cream

Now, we know that you cannot eat your nachos or chips without a gallop of sour cream on it. But, as per the dieticians, sour cream has zero nutritional values, it is in fact loaded with calories. Which makes it nothing but a bad food item. Buying the right product for weight loss can make all the difference when it comes to shedding those extra pounds faster.

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7. Mayonnaise

First, it was sour cream and now it’s mayo which makes to the list of bad foods. Just like the sour cream it is also of no nutritional value and loaded with high calories with the addition of saturated fat. So, stop layering your sandwiches with mayonnaise as it causes high blood sugar levels and clogging of arteries. Yeah, bad. Just bad!

8. Cookies

We know, it brought tears to your eyes just to see cookies in this list. But there is a slight relief when it comes to cookies. It is said that eating cookies once in a while will not bring any changes in our body, but if we make it a habit or give to your kids regularly it is a very bad practice. Since yummy cookies are packed with butter and sugar it is not good for our cholesterol level and blood sugar level.

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