8 Safety Tips and Tricks That Can Save You From Unpredictable Perils

It’s good that we are always prepared for predictable misfortunes, but life knows to give lemons when least expected. There are situations when even the smartest person finds it difficult to get away with danger just because they were unprepared. And mostly such things happen when you are least prepared.

Keeping such situations in mind we have some tips and tricks to share, to save your life from such unpredictable dangers.

1. In a hotel room

If you often go out of the station and have to stay in a hotel for a couple of days then you must take care of certain things like a standard of hotel, hygiene, safety, etc. But there are certain things that can be really unpredictable or that you might never be expected to happen. Such as if you are in a room and find that there is a peephole that is uncovered. Then just stuff some tissue paper in the hole so that nobody can peep in.

2. Keep your car keys within reach

Whenever you are at home make sure your cars keys are in reach. So that in the case of some invasion from a house breaker you can press a panic alert button or flash the headlights and can pass a signals to neighbors.

3. Invasion in the car

If someone gets in your car forcefully and orders you to take the car to the strange place the best thing is to drive straight into a pole or lamp post. This will draw enough attention from the people and you can have a chance to slip out.

4. If lost in woods

If you go hiking or camping and get lost in the woods, always follow or search for the source of water. It will lead you to a shelter or to some civilization. Also, water keeps hydrated and alive for a longer time.

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5. In taxi

If you are in a taxi and you feel suspicious about the driver then all you need to do is make a call or fake a call to someone and start giving details about the taxi, driver, location, etc. This will warn the driver in the first place and also help you get help from whom you called.

6. Riptide

In case you are stuck in a riptide, never swim against the tide, rather try to swim parallel to the shore or float on your back.

7. If stuck in a burning building

In case you are caught in a burning building, lay down to the floor since the breathable air is closer to the floor.

8. How to cry for help

When you are in an emergency situation and need help from the crowd around you, then instead of cry “help! Help!” randomly to the crowd, aim at one person and ask for help straightforwardly.

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