8 Things a Husband Should Think Twice Before Saying/Doing to His Pregnant Wife

Experiencing motherhood is one of the best feelings in the world. There are a lot of women out there who not only love their children but also enjoy the magical journey of child-bearing. If you ask a mother about her child-bearing time, you will always hear her love-filled stories not the whinings of the pain and stress they suffered. But what makes their journey of pregnancy so sweet and memorable is their husband’s support, love, and care.

An expecting mother gives birth to a healthy child if she had a good time while bearing it. So, it is the responsibility of husbands or those around the woman during pregnancy to keep the mother happy and be supportive, in order to make her deliver a happy baby.

And this is why we found it essential to tell all the cool would be Dads out there a few things they need to keep in mind when their wife is pregnant. Check the list below:

1. Do not a complaint about her mood swings

When a woman is pregnant she experiences some weird hormonal changes that cause mood swings. It is nothing funny or quirky. It is natural and equally frustrating for the mother. So, avoid complaining about her mood swings and being mean sometimes. She is in a condition where she has the least control on her body and mental health. If anything, you would end up hurting her and making her more frustrated.

2. Don’t make her feel as if she is alone in this

The worst thing you can do to her is, ignoring her. You should not think that just because bearing a child is natural things restricted to women, it is the responsibility or some sort of problem restricted to women only. You are into it together, though she is the one carrying the child it is not like you have no job to do here. You need to be present for her both emotionally and physically.

3. Don’t tell her she is fat

I know it is quite challenging to see a woman being swelled up but it is a part of the process. She gains fat because she has another life inside her, this makes her body have special needs. She is not being fat for no reason, so picking on her weight shouldn’t be even the least thing.

4. Don’t freak out about the childbirth process

Most of the men don’t take it easy when they realized how the child’s going to come out of a mother’s body. Even though you are totally losing in your head, do not stress the mother with it. Because, eventually, she is the one who has to go through it and experience it first hand. Freaking her out will only make it difficult for her because she has no power over it.

5. Never tell her whether you want a boy or a girl

Yeah, sex of the gender is what everyone is obsessed to know as soon as a woman gets pregnant. For the love of God, you should not be a jerk, too. Do not push it on her what gender do you expect for the baby. Because no matter whether you want a boy or a girl, the mother had no role to play in it. You will get what you get. No choice, thus no demands.

6. Don’t tell her she is mean or needy

When a woman is carrying a life inside her, she has all the rights to be needy. First of all, most of the time she is tired of having to carry a full grown belly around her. And second of all, you are bound to fulfill her needs at this time as she needs a lot of things at that time. The most important thing she needs is you being supportive of her. So be just that.

7. Don’t have a good social life when she is unable to move out and have fun

When you are a couple you hand out with friends have to get-togethers and go out quite often. Stop this practice as soon as she is not allowed to travel anymore. If you keep partying and she stays at home carrying your baby, you are telling her that it’s her job only and you are a free bird. Trust us, nothing could be worse than that.

8. Don’t show her that you are desperate to get over with this soon

The only person who has the utmost wait for a pregnancy to be over and the baby being delivered is the mother. She has to carry a child in her womb for a full 9 months, so, you better don’t tell her that you are the one who tired.