8 Things You Need in Your Car While Travelling Long Routes

All of us like long and short drives. The journeys that are been done in your cars are the most memorable. We always wish to travel on the road and to make our drives more fun and safe we need more than just a car. So we have got you a list of 8 things that must be there in your car while traveling Long Routes and if you already have them never ever get rid of them.

1. Never forget your documents

You never know when you encounter a cop or a situation where you might just miss your car documents like license etc. If you don’t feel like carrying your originals than just grab copies to keep in your car.

2. Maps


We all are depended entirely on gadgets but keeping maps with you is a clever way to have a backup. Because maps never run out of batteries.

2. Car tools

Remember to carry your tools kit always in your car. There should be an emergency escape tool within the reach of driver that can break window glass and cut the seat belt out.

3. Blanket


Keep a blanket in your car. It can come handy for various uses in case of emergency, too. And if you travel a lot during winters then too it is one important thing to carry along.

4. Fuel Can

You must carry a fuel can with you in your car. In case you run out of fuel you can rely on your back up. If you don’t feel comfortable in keeping fuel all the time, then at least keep a can in order to bring some refill.

5. Backpack


You should carry a backpack in your car. In case your car breaks down then you should be able to walk out of it with your valuables in the backpack.

6. Sources of light

It’s good that you have a flashlight in your car. But that lasts till you have battery-powered. Thus, in case you run out of that you need a backup plan, too.

7. Food items

Food items

Make sure you carry enough amount of non-perishable food items with you. Keep yourself equipped with water and eatables.

Images source: Pexels