Resolve Adobe Error Code 1002: Get Instant Solutions

Adobe error code 1002 occurs when your PC cannot install or update the Creative Cloud Desktop application. Creative Cloud fails to update if there is some network connectivity issue. If your system fails to backup existing assets during installation then it shows this error. Adobe creative cloud error 1002 is a generic error code when some applications on your computer stop responding. When you receive this error your computer’s screen reads a message that BOOTMGR is missing.

Often these issues are pretty much challenging to resolve, but at their Support, we have a crew of skilled engineers who can troubleshoot these errors with a reasonable and affordable price.

Why does Adobe Error Code 1002 occur?

Adobe creative cloud error happens because of a recently installed antivirus program. If the operating system of your PC does not have latest patches and service packs then this error will continue.

If your device does not have the latest version of the operating system, you can receive this error. Again, if your software and Windows system is not up-to-date, it won’t allow the installation of  Creative Cloud. Lack of proper internet connection will not allow your device to update the Creative Cloud.

Below is an account of some other circumstances of this error.

  • Registry problems such as a corrupt or invalid Windows registry.
  • Windows is unable to complete the requested message.
  • It may happen that you have succeeded in installing the Creative Cloud app. Then the installation is either faulty or incomplete.
  • If an incompatibility exists between the operating system and the present version of your Windows then Adobe error code 50  will occur.
  • An older version of the driver for your system is yet another major cause.

Easy Troubleshooting Steps For Adobe Error Code 1002

Adobe errors are always frustrating and even damage your system. You might not able to solve this issues on your own. Still, we illustrate you some preliminary steps which help you to resolve the error.

  • You can try to fix this error without applying any technical method. For this, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel. It will detect where the problem lies. Disable the antivirus program temporarily and try to install the Creative Cloud Desktop app. If you still receive Adobe error code 1002 then the antivirus program is not creating this issue. So you can restore the system to original condition.
  • Test the hard drive to ensure that there is no issue with it. If you find that the problem is arising due to the hard drive then take some external assistance from us. Transfer the media files in your iTunes library from several locations to one location. This process can solve your problem. Clear the cache and system junk from the startup drive or your home directory in your Mac. Now, make an attempt to install and update the Creative Cloud.