Astonishing 100 Benefits of Carrots

Health Benefits of Carrots

  • Carrot is a very precious gift of nature which is a storehouse of strength. Carrot is also fruit and vegetable and it is grown all over India. Like radish, carrots also grow in the ground.
  • The body remains soft and beautiful by the consumption of carrots and there is a communication of strength in the body and weight also increases.
  • By feeding carrot juice to children, their teeth come out easily and milk is also digested properly.
  • Carrots are very useful in piles, tuberculosis bile etc.
  • Carrot juice is considered very good for the brain.
  • Consuming carrots keeps the body healthy and also increases immunity in the body.
  • It also cures burning sensation of the anus.
  • Consuming carrots provides strength to the stomach and makes the heart happy. It softens the nature.
  • It throws out the phlegm.
  • It relieves cough and chest tightness.
  • Urination comes easily due to its intake.
  • It throttles the stone out.
  • It destroys ascites.
  • Giving its juice to the patient suffering from dementia is beneficial.
  • Pudding made from carrots and dish is strong and nutritious.
  • To remove weakness in the body due to continuous work, consume carrots, this weakness will go away.
  • Digestive institution is strengthened by drinking carrot juice.
  • The smell and feces of feces are destroyed by its use.
  • Carrot contains an element called carotene, which is useful in curing cancer.
  • If weakness has arisen in the body due to prolonged illness, then drinking carrot juice is very beneficial in it. Using this makes the patient fit, fresh and powerful.
  • Carrot juice, roasted cumin, sugar and salt mixed with drinking removes gout.


Of course, carrot juice is very beneficial in curing all diseases, yet carrot juice should not be consumed in a cold, chronic fever, pneumonia, or high fever. The reason for this is that at the time of disease, the toxic substances inside the body take out. In this case, carrot juice or any other beverage or any diet will obstruct this process but carrot juice is useful in tonsillitis, dysentery, intestinal irritation, anemia, stones, hemorrhoids, ulcers and blood related diseases etc. Proves

Method of Extracting Carrot Juice

Juice can be extracted by grinding carrots in a grinder or by making a round hole in an iron sieve and then rub the carrot on its opposite side. This will make the carrot look like sawdust, then squeezing it in a cloth brings out the juice. Such sieve and juice dispenser can also be purchased from the market.

Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice

Drinking carrot juice is very beneficial. A glass of carrot juice is equivalent to a one-time meal. Drink only one glass of juice at a time, no more than this. By consuming this juice continuously, the contaminated and toxic substances get out of the body. Major incurable disease, even cancer, is cured by its use.

Given the natural properties of carrots, physicians have considered it like an apple for the poor. People who cannot buy apples can get the same benefits by eating carrots. Due to this, lack of blood in the body ends. Taking sufficient amount of carrot juice makes the body fat-fresh and agile.

Home Remedies for Various Diseases with Carrots

  1. Sleeplessness (insomnia):
  • Insomnia is cured by drinking 1 glass of carrot juice daily.
  • In case of sleeplessness, drinking carrot juice 30-40 minutes before going to bed at night is beneficial.
  1. Spleen growth (spleen): To reduce spleen growth, taking pickle of carrot is beneficial.
  2. Migraine Migraine: Applying ghee on carrot leaves after heating it lightly, then grind it and extract the juice and drop this juice drop by drop in the nose, migraine disease is cured.
  3. Stomach worms:
  • After consuming 125 ml carrot juice on an empty stomach daily for 14 days, the worms of the stomach die and get out through the stool.
  • Eating raw carrots for 7 days also gets rid of stomach worms.
  • Taking 125 ml juice of carrot on an empty stomach kills stomach worms.
  • By drinking 1 cup of carrot juice continuously for about 15 days, the stomach worms get out of the stool.
  1. Haemorrhage: Drinking 200 ml carrot juice and 50 ml spinach juice together stops bleeding from the nose.
  1. Fast heartbeat:
  • It is beneficial to take carrot to cure heart disease and blood thickening disease.
  • Drinking 200 ml of carrot juice daily, eliminates the weakness of heart and prevents the problem of fast heartbeat.
  1. Facial freckle: Grind carrot, squeeze its juice or extract its juice and make a paste by mixing sandal powder, rose water and gram flour in it. Rub it well on the face and apply it on the face.
  2. Head boil: By grinding carrot and applying it on the head, the boil starts to heal.
  3. High blood pressure: Drinking honey mixed with carrot juice reduces high blood pressure and provides benefits.
  4. For skin diseases:
  • Skin diseases are cured by drinking 1 cup of carrot juice daily.
  • Vitamin A deficiency makes the skin dry. The skin remains more dry in winter. Carrots are found in excess in winter. Carrots are very high in vitamin A. Hence, dryness of skin ends by eating carrots.
  • Acne is cleared by drinking carrot juice and the face also glows.
  • Carrot juice is disinfectant and it cures infection. It removes blood’s sensation and smell. It clears the blood of the body, which cures boils and pimples. The face becomes beautiful and the color of the patient’s face becomes like a rose flower. Carrot juice is very beneficial in skin diseases.
  • Apply carrot juice on the neck and face with a cotton swab and let it dry for a while and then wash it with cold water. This will make the skin clear and shiny.
  • Mixing carrot juice and spinach juice together and drinking it with 2 teaspoons of honey is beneficial for all skin diseases.
  • Mixing 20-20 ml carrot juice, tomato juice and beetroot juice together and drinking it continuously for 2 months daily removes facial freckles, ringworm, scars and pimples and makes the face absolutely clean and shiny.
  1. Weakness of heart:
  • Increased cold due to excess heat is normal after consuming carrot cold jam.
  • Weakness of heart is destroyed by drinking 250 ml carrot juice daily.
  • Roast the carrots and peel them in the night and keep them in the open. In the morning, eating sugar and rose water mixed with it increases normal heart rate.
  • Mixing 100 ml spinach juice in 200 ml carrot juice cures various heart diseases.
  1. Heart disease: Heart disease is cured by drinking 1 cup carrot juice for 40 days.
  2. Low blood pressure (low blood pressure):
  • Eating carrots and drinking carrot juice is also beneficial in lower blood pressure.
  • Drinking 100 ml of carrot juice and milliliters of spinach juice daily, relieves the complaint of low blood pressure (low blood pressure).
  1. Ringworm:
  • Finely grind the carrot into pieces. Then add rock salt to it and bake it, and then apply a ring on it hot and tie it on it. Tying it in no time gives relief from ringworm.
  • Drinking about 180 ml carrot juice, 250 ml beet juice and 125 ml cucumber or cucumber juice is beneficial in ringworm.
  1. Jaundice:
  • Drink 2-3 ml of honey in 250 ml carrot juice.
  • Carrot is beneficial as a natural medicine to cure jaundice. Taking carrot juice daily is beneficial for the treatment of jaundice patient.
  1. Tundica edema (tonsil): Mixing 2 tablespoons honey or half teaspoon ginger juice in carrot juice, drinking it cures tonsil disease.
  2. Enhance physical beauty: Eating salad of carrot, raw cabbage, tomato, cucumber, radish etc. with food helps in maintaining beauty of the body.
  3. Headache:
  • Heat the carrot juice and put two drops in the ear and two drops in the nostrils, the headache is relieved.
  • By squeezing half a lemon in carrot and beetroot juice, drinking at bedtime can relieve headaches.
  • Drinking about 200 ml carrot juice, 150 ml beetroot juice and 125 ml cucumber or cucumber juice mixed with water ends headache.
  1. Facial Cleansing :
  • Drinking half a glass (about 125 ml) of carrot juice on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for 15 to 20 days clears the blood and increases the amount of hemoglobin in it, which results in a clean face.
  • Washing the face with carrot juice cleanses the face. Carrot juice is very beneficial for oily skin.
  1. Weakness of memory:
  • Mixing 125 ml carrot juice (juice) in 500 ml milk, drinking it after eating almonds in the morning, removes the weakness of the brain, resulting in memory gain.
  • Eating carrot pudding for 2 months continuously strengthens the memory.
  1. Facial beauty: Taking 30 ml carrot, 20 ml tomato and 10 ml beetroot juice, drinking half a glass daily for at least 15 to 20 days continuously, removes facial wrinkles, shadows, scars, pimples and face tomatoes. Becomes red and beautiful like Instead of these, only carrot or orange juice can also be drunk. Drinking carrot juice 3 to 4 times daily for 15 to 20 days is beneficial. It should not be eaten and drunk for 1 hour before drinking and after 1 hour. Drinking carrot juice also kills stomach worms and cures acidity.
  2. Mumps: Mumps disease is cured by drinking 300 ml carrot juice and 125 ml spinach juice.
  3. Body swelling:
  • Boil 5 grams of carrot seeds in 250 ml water and filter and drink, it reduces swelling due to urination.
  • Make a powder by grinding about 1 to 3 grams of carrot seeds and drink it in the morning and evening. By doing this, the urine comes open, which cures swelling of the whole body.
  • If there is swelling on the body, by tightening or crushing the carrot, heating it and tying it on the inflamed part, the swelling is cured.
  1. Physical weakness:
  • Eating 250 grams of raw carrots and drinking about 1 kg of water on top increases strength in the body and also strengthens the body.
  • Drinking 1 glass of carrot juice on an empty stomach in the morning and 2 times daily in the evening is beneficial. It can also be mixed with milk and drunk. By drinking mixed carrot juice 3 times a day, physical weakness starts to disappear.
  • Consumption of carrot pudding removes weakness and kidney weakness also goes away.
  • Carrots, peppers, amla, amaranth, tamarind, sev, eating radish leaves and oranges increase blood in the body.
  • Drinking about half a glass (125 ml) of carrot juice daily in the morning and evening can cure boils that occur in the body. Apart from this, the blood of the body also gets cleaned and the weight of the body increases. It should be consumed continuously for about 15 or 20 days.
  1. Lump of throat: In the disease of tonsillitis (lump of throat), drinking carrot juice provides more relief.
  2. Infertility: Give infertile woman fumigation of carrot seeds in such a way that her smoke goes up to the womb of the patient. Put carrot seeds on the burning coal. This will cause smoke. Give this fumigation to Rogini and give her carrot juice daily.
  3. Pregnancy: In pregnancy, drinking carrot juice does not cause septic disease and there is no lack of calcium in the body. Mothers feeding milk should regularly consume carrot juice. This increases the quality of his milk.
  4. Diarrhea:
  • Consumption of carrots cures chronic diarrhea, indigestion, and sprue diseases. Increased spleen is reduced by consuming carrot pickle.
  • Mixing a little rock salt in half a cup of carrot juice and licking it about 4 times in a day can cure diarrhea.
  1. Liver disease: Taking carrot juice, carrot soup or hot carrot decoction is beneficial for the patient suffering from liver disease.
  2. Cancer: Cancer is destroyed by drinking carrot juice. It is more beneficial in leukemia (blood cancer) and stomach cancer.
  3. Acid-rich: Drinking carrot juice provides relief in acidosis.
  4. Heart pulsation: Drinking carrot juice 2 times a day is beneficial for heart weakness. Taking carrot is beneficial when the heart rate increases and the blood of the body becomes thick.
  5. Digestion of Ghee, Oil, Smoothies: Mixing 300 ml carrot juice and 150 ml spinach juice will consume ghee, oil and smooth things.
  6. Inflammation of the large intestine: For the treatment of swelling in the large intestine, drinking 200 ml carrot juice, 150 ml beetroot juice and 150 ml cucumber juice will be beneficial.
  7. Nose and throat diseases: Nose and throat diseases are cured by drinking 250 ml carrot and spinach juice daily.
  8. Dental diseases:
  • Drinking 70 ml of carrot juice daily does not cause diseases in the gums and teeth and makes the roots of teeth strong.
  • To strengthen teeth, drink carrot juice daily. This makes teeth roots strong and stops shaking of the teeth.
  1. Bad breath: Taking equal quantity of carrot, spinach and cucumber juice does not smell bad.
  2. Metal coming in urine: Drinking 250 ml carrot juice 3 times a day stops the metal coming in urine.
  3. Reduction of red particles in the blood: Drink 250 ml carrot juice and spinach juice. It increases red particles in the blood of the body and in addition to this, many types of blood pressure, abscess, kidney diseases like urination, drop of urine, reduced urination, white matter in the urine, in the wind pipe Inflammation, cancer, cataracts, colds, colds, scrofula (goiter disease) and piles etc. are also cured.
  4. Gallstones:
  • Drinking 250 ml of carrot juice and juice of lettuce leaves makes the stones go out with urine and gives more relief to the patient.
  • Drink carrot juice every morning and evening. This will cause gallstones in the gall bladder to pass out through urine.
  • By drinking carrot juice, gall bladder stones are cut out and its salad can be used to cure this disease.
  1. Kidney stones:
  • To cure kidney stone and bladder inflammation and to clean the kidneys, drinking 150 ml carrot, beet, cucumber or cucumber juice is beneficial. Carrot juice breaks the kidney and bladder stones and passes them out through urine.
  • Drinking carrot juice 3-4 times daily removes stones. Grinding carrot seeds and taking funky also removes stones.
  • Hollow thick radish and fill 1-1 teaspoon seeds of carrot and turnip in it. Close the mouth of radish and fry it in a fire. Taking seeds out of radish and eating it with water every morning and evening for 1 month, cures stone disease.
  • Make a sauce by grinding 5-5 grams of carrot, radish and turnip seeds. Take 3 to 3 grams of chutney water daily for 15 days. This causes the stones to melt.
  1. Kidney Disease and Inflammation: Boil 2 spoons carrot seeds in one glass of water and drink, it makes more urine, due to which many diseases of the kidneys are cured and inflammation also disappears.
  2. Bleeding: Carrots prevent bleeding from any organ.
  3. Boils:

By tying on pimples, they begin to heal quickly. It also melts the frozen blood of boils.

  • Make a sauce by boiling carrots and applying it to pimples.
  1. Burning with fire:
  • Grind raw carrots and keep them on the burnt place of the fire, burning sensation is destroyed and does not produce pus.
  • When burning with fire, applying carrot juice on the burnt place does not create injury and the burning and pain is removed.
  • Repeatedly applying raw carrot juice on the burnt part of the body is beneficial.
  • To remove burning sensation and pain of a person burnt by fire, carrot should be grinded.
  1. Chest pain: Boil carrots and mix honey in it and take, it ends chest pain.
  2. Knee pain: Carrot juice is beneficial in curing rheumatism and arthritis. Mixing equal quantity of carrot, cucumber and beetroot juice is a quick benefit.
  3. Brain fatigue: Eating 6-7 almonds daily in the morning and after that mixing 125 ml carrot juice and 500 ml cow’s milk increases memory power, which also results in mental fatigue.
  4. Cancer (cancer) disease:
  • Consuming 310 ml carrot juice, ml gram spinach juice 3 times daily or mixing carrot juice with milk, cures cancer.
  • By adding 2 teaspoons of honey to 1 glass of carrot juice, consuming it daily can cure cancer.
  • Headache, fever and cancer are cured by drinking carrot juice mixed with milk and deficiency of red particles in the blood also goes away.
  • Consuming black carrot juice cures blood cancer, stomach cancer.
  1. Inflammation of the bowels: To cure inflammation of the large intestine, drinking 180 ml carrot juice, 150 ml beet juice and 160 ml cucumber juice will be beneficial.
  2. Weakness of children: Drinking 2-3 teaspoons of carrot juice to a weak child daily makes them strong. By giving carrot juice to healthy children too, there is an increase in strength in the child’s body. Children who have been given carrot juice since birth. They never fall ill. Children develop faster by drinking carrot juice with milk.
  3. Menstruation: If menstruation does not occur, boil 2 teaspoons carrot seeds and 1 teaspoon jaggery in 1 glass of water and drink it twice a day twice a day daily, it also reduces pain in menstruation. .
  4. Strength enhancer: Vitamin-E is found in sufficient quantity in carrots and taking it increases the strength of the body.
  5. Constipation (constipation): Consumption of carrot juice every day, removes constipation (constipation).
  6. Ulcers: Drinking 150 ml juice of carrot mixed with 100 ml spinach juice and 50 ml cabbage juice cures ulcer disease.
  7. Anemia:
  • Patients suffering from anemia in the body get more benefit by mixing 100 ml spinach juice in 200 ml carrot juice.
  • Drink 100 ml carrot juice and 30 ml beetroot juice daily. Due to this, lack of blood in the body ends.
  1. Mental stress: Drinking 250 ml carrot juice daily helps to relieve mental stress. Carrot juice is beneficial for men and women working in offices, students preparing for examinations and other mental workers.
  2. Hiccups: Put 4-5 drops of carrot juice in both the holes of the nose, it removes hiccups. Smelling carrots to remove hiccups is beneficial.
  3. Dental diseases: Drinking 70 ml carrot juice daily does not cause disease in the gums and teeth, it makes the roots of teeth strong.
  4. Impotence:
  • Eating 100 grams of carrot pudding daily increases the oz semen.
  • A person becomes semen by drinking 200 ml of carrot juice daily.
  • Taking carrot juice with honey thickens semen and removes impotence.
  1. Asthma (respiratory disease):
  • Drinking 180 ml of carrot juice, 150 ml of beetroot juice, 125 ml of cucumber or cucumber juice is beneficial in asthma. To cure asthma, both carrot or its juice are beneficial.
  • By drinking a glass of carrot juice daily, it provides relief in asthma.
  • Asthma disease is cured by drinking 1-1 glass of carrot juice in the morning and afternoon every day. It should be used for 10-15 days. The body is never harmed by drinking carrot juice for a long time.
  1. White hair:
  • Using carrot juice daily does not turn the hair white and those who have white hair also start turning black.
  • Hair becomes black and beautiful and shiny by drinking carrot juice daily.
  1. Eye diseases:
  • Night blindness, blindness and other eye diseases are eliminated by drinking carrot juice. It also has Vitamin ‘ A ‘ .
  • Consumption of spinach juice mixed with carrot juice is beneficial in cataract.
  • To increase eyesight, eat carrot jam. Taking it daily does not cause night blindness, cataract and swelling of eyes etc.
  • Drinking about 125 ml of carrot and cucumber juice in equal quantity intensifies the eyesight.
  • Eyes light up by eating green leafy vegetables and carrots.
  1. Cataract: Drinking about 300 ml carrot juice mixed with 125 ml spinach juice cures cataract.
  2. Night blindness (night vision):
  • Drinking 200 ml carrot juice daily increases strength in the body as well as relieves night blindness.
  • In night blindness, drinking carrot juice and milk gives more benefits.
  1. Dry cough: Mixing 300 ml carrot juice and 125 ml spinach juice, drinking it provides great benefit in respiratory (bronchitis) inflammation. Carrot is very useful in curing dry cough.
  2. Gastric ulcer:
  • By drinking carrot juice with honey thrice a day, the wounds due to pacification are cured.
  • Vomiting (vomiting) is cured by drinking carrot juice.
  • Drinking carrot juice mixed with raisin juice provides relief.
  1. Constipation:
  • Make a salad of carrots, radishes, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chunkdar by mixing lemon juice and rock salt and taking it to get relief in constipation.
  • Constipation is cured by drinking 200 ml juice of carrot or orange 2-3 times a day.
  • Eating 250 grams of raw carrot on an empty stomach does not cause constipation and hunger is felt well.
  • Gas does not stop in the stomach due to eating carrot and myrabalan jam.
  1. Lack of breast milk:
  • Feeding of carrots to mothers feeding milk reduces the lack of milk in their breasts.
  • Consumption of carrot juice and raw onion with food increases milk in the breasts.
  1. Gum disease: – Gum disease is cured by drinking 70 ml carrot juice twice a day.
  2. Dandruff: Rubbing carrot and rubbing it on the roots and forehead of the hair ends dandruff.
  3. Vomiting (vomiting): Taking honey mixed with carrot juice stops vomiting of blood.
  4. Removing the defect of a dead child in the womb:
  • By giving fumigation of carrot seeds to the vagina, the defects (disorders) arising from the dead child in the womb are destroyed.
  • Putting carrot seed and pigeon pot in a fire, giving a smoke in the vagina and smoke of snake’s earthworm makes a dead baby out of the womb.
  1. Stomach gas:
  • Eating one cup of carrot juice, 2 teaspoons of honey and a small amount of black salt, provides relief.
  • Mixing half a cup of carrot juice and 2 teaspoons of cabbage juice and taking it eliminates stomach gas.
  1. Pregnancy weakness: Taking half a glass of carrot juice, half a glass of milk and honey as per taste, drinking it daily, removes the weakness of pregnancy.
  2. Colds: Mix about 125 ml spinach juice and 300 ml carrot juice together and drink, it cures cold and catarrh.
  3. Throat diseases: Drinking carrot juice cures diseases like swelling (throat swelling), hoarseness (loss of voice), palatal inflammation (burning sensation in the palate).
  4. Mouth Smell: Drinking carrot juice strengthens the digestive system, which results in the smell of the mouth. Due to its use, special germs of the stomach are also destroyed, which does not smell bad in the stool.
  5. Bleeding with urine: Take 1 to 3 grams of carrot seed powder in the morning and evening, if blood comes with urine.
  6. Piles (haemorrhoids):
  • Drinking carrot and spinach juice twice a day daily cures piles.
  • Piles are cured by eating raw carrots or drinking carrot juice.
  • After mixing 2 cups of carrot juice and 1 cup of spinach juice and drinking both, every morning and evening for 20 days, all types of piles are cured.
  1. Dysmenorrhea (to come with menstrual pain):
  • Boil 5 grams of carrot seeds in 100 ml of water and mix 25 grams of jaggery and consume it on menstrual period and the pain of menstrual discharge is destroyed.
  • In all uterine disorders, taking 1 to 3 grams of carrot seeds powder in the morning and evening, eliminates menstrual pain.
  1. Closed menstrual period:
  • Consumption of carrot pudding releases at menstruation time.
  • Grind the carrot seeds and sieve them in water and stop the menstrual cycle.
  1. Menstrual problems: Grind 25 grams of carrot seeds and then consume it, it will remove many types of menstrual problems.
  2. Amoebic dysentery – Carrot juice is beneficial for the patient of chronic dysentery.
  3. Wounds:
  • Grating carrots and tying them on a hot wound is a complete benefit.
  • Make a pulp of carrot by cooking it and apply it on rot wounds, it will cure wounds.
  1. Indigestion (indigestion): Drinking black carrot juice with honey cures indigestion.
  2. Liver disease: Liver disease is cured by eating carrot.
  3. Leucorrhoea: By drinking carrot, spinach, cabbage, beetroot juice, the swelling of the uterus of women is eliminated and leucorrhoea is also cured.
  4. Leucorrhoea: Mix 200 ml carrot juice with 30 ml beetroot juice daily and take it with honey provides relief in leucorrhoea.
  5. Acidity: Acidity is cured by drinking carrot juice.
  6. Pain and swelling: Tying bandage with carrot sauce on swelling due to injury sprain or any other reason reduces swelling and also reduces pain.
  7. Appendicitis: Appendicitis is cured by drinking carrot juice.
  8. Ascites (Excess of water in stomach):
  • Ascending disease is cured by consuming carrot juice, buttermilk and melon.
  • Consumption of carrot juice with honey provides relief in ascites.
  1. Blood pressure (bloody menstruation): Drinking 100 ml carrot juice in the morning and evening daily cures blood diseases.
  2. Diabetes diseases:
  • One cup of carrot juice, half cup of spinach juice and half a teaspoon of cumin powder mixed with two pinches of salt and consumed daily for 20 days is beneficial in diabetes. Keep in mind, do not take this person with high blood pressure.
  • Diabetes is cured by drinking 300 ml carrot juice and 150 ml spinach juice.
  • Mixing 300 ml carrot juice, 180 ml spinach juice together, adding salt, cumin, and drinking it is beneficial in diabetes.
  1. Increased obesity: Consumption of fat on the body increases by drinking carrot juice, so drinking its juice daily increases obesity.
  2. All types of stomach diseases:
  • carrots to eat or Pcna not eating drinking juice him, be cause air in the stomach, gas, intestinal cramps, edema (swelling), wound to the stomach around the water (ascites), Apendisaitis, Vrihadantr inflammation ( Kolatis), smells in stool, smells of mouth, rash and diarrhea etc. are beneficial in diseases.
  • Vitamin B complex is found in carrots, which makes the digestive system powerful. It is cured by not eating food, gas in stomach, etc.

Disadvantages of eating carrots: Eating jaggery is beneficial if there is pain in the stomach due to eating carrots in large quantity. People who have complaints of gas in their stomach boil carrot juice or carrot and give them water to drink, this will benefit them. One should never drink water immediately after eating carrots and yellow part of carrot should not be eaten as it causes cough.

Removing blemishes: Jagger should be used to remove carrot defects.

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