Can’t Login To Asus Router? step by step guidance Solution

Asus Router is one of the best router available in the market. It is the most widely used router in terms of performance and network coverage. However, most of the users face a problem with Can’t Login to Asus Router. So, here in this post, we would be addressing the problems with the Asus Router.

Technology is evolving day by day. In this scenario, facing such problem is nothing unusual. However, you don’t need to worry about it! Few quick steps should resolve the issue. Please note, for a smooth execution, a minimum amount of technical knowledge is required.

How To Login to Asus Router?

If you are a tech savvy person and confident enough to handle the issue on your own, you can follow these steps. To set up your Asus router, you need to access the configuration page. What if, you can’t login to Asus router?


  • Well, in the first instance, you need to connect your router to the computer. Use a LAN Cable to connect to Asus router.
  • In order to obtain the IP- address automatically, you need to set up an adapter. To do that, go to the control panel. Now, in the control panel window, you need to select Network and Sharing Center”.
  • Now, click on the Change Adapter Settings, then choose the router you have installed. Then right-click on the adaptor and then click on properties.
  • After that click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click on properties again. Now choose the option “obtain IP address automatically” then proceed to press to Ok.


If you are done with the process now you need to turn off the Windows or any other firewall you are using. To do that,


  • Go to the control panel again, and select the Windows firewall option. In the firewall window, click on “change Notification Settings”
  • Now click on turn off windows firewall option and then click on to complete the task.


Closely following the steps should resolve the issue in the first instance. You should not face Asus Wireless Router Login problems.