Facing Google Chrome Error Code 0x80004002 – Solutions

Google Chrome is the most popular browser used by millions of users all over the world. It enables you to automatically sign up at all your favorite Google services like YouTube, Gmail and many more. While updating if you get Google Chrome error code 0x80004002, this will restrict you to download and install the updates. To overcome this situation, you need to follow the article for a proper solution.

Google Chrome error code 0x80004002 is a very common error. It can occur in your system while installing any Google products like Chrome, Drive, and others.

It is commonly caused due to due to irregular entries in the Windows registry or might be incorrectly configured system settings. Another very common reason for this error includes failure of installation or uninstallation due to improper system shutdown or some technical fault.


Your system displays Google Chrome error code 0x80004002 with following messages:

  • Update server is not available.
  • Checking for updates failed to start.
  • Download failed.
  • The administrator has disabled the updates.
  • The computer no longer receives updates because Windows Vista and Windows XP no longer support Google Chrome.

In such cases, if you receive this error code, connecting with a tech expert will be a great choice for you.

Effective Ways to resolve your issue instantly

Support experts can fix Google Chrome error code 0x80004002 by manually editing the Windows registry files. They have gained a reputation for handling these errors and solving them in no time. Keeping your requirement in mind, they look forward to delivering the most effective solutions for the issues in your Google Chrome. Try the solutions listed below:

  • Uninstall your Chrome browser.
  • Check and verify whether your computer meets the system requirements, so that you continue to get the latest Chrome versions.
  • Review firewall, antivirus or parental control settings to make sure that you get information on software updates.
  • Try to download Chrome again by using the Standalone installer.
  • Check for any malware or virus and remove it.
  • Reboot your computer.


Reach Support To Fix Chrome error code 0x80004002