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Disclaimer Regarding Baby Names

The names listed on this site are based on the personal study done online, through books and dictionaries and from own experiences.  Sanskrit uses online Sanskrit dictionaries, and Sahasranam, Vedic text, to refer the meanings, origins and new suggestions of names. Urdu names are listed by their content writer who is an Urdu native speaker and lovely new mom, Zeba Noor. Although these two also take help from highly proficient experts to ensure authenticity, there could be human errors involved. specialfile4u cannot be held responsible for any unintentional mistake that might take place in spelling/meaning/origin/other features.

Spelling Variations

In several regions of India, T is pronounced as Th, D as Dh, B as Bh. We have selected the spelling which sounds better, sweeter, and closer to the origin. From Sanskrit to English or Hindi to English we can follow some arguably different methods e.g. Gagan गगन is usually written as Arnesh even though its Aa आ and not A अ, it’s because in English the names starting with Aa आ are written A आ only. As we have provided Hindi pronunciations, we leave the choices to you.

The numerological calculation is done according to the explanation given on one dedicated blog for numerology calculator on this website.

All names are beautiful but in their lists, we have recommended some names marked with * on the basis of ease of pronunciation, uniqueness, length, and meaning. It’s their friendly suggestion.

Why Religion in Baby Names?

The word Hindu baby name or Muslim baby name is not at all for religious highlights, we only mention these words in their titles etc as parents search names online using such terms. We completely support and believe that the names should be referred to as Sanskrit names, Hindi Names, Urdu names, Arabic names etc. as a religion never says names are religion specific. The names originate from languages but not from religions.