Epson Printer Not Printing Colors Correctly | Quick Solutions

Epson brings to you the exclusive range of printers with excellent features. However, users often come across problems with their Epson printers not printing correctly and that requires them to look for expert and trustable solutions. The solution to this is not something you can do on your own.

Reasons For Epson Printer Not Printing Correctly

To begin with, let us understand that their printers cannot print the exact image as we see it on their desktop screens. This is because their screens use emitted lights and printers cannot simply print light, it uses pigments and dyes to represent colors. So there always appears a difference between the image on their screen and the one we get as a printout.

Their screens are able to display numerous colors whereas their printers can produce only a half of it. The pigments absorb light that isn’t used and produce an image of the nearest combination of the colors used. Thus, the printed image is often darker than the image on the screen.

The quality of paper and color that you choose also often can affect the quality of your print out. So it is always advised to select paper and color recommended by the printer manufacturer for best printing results.

For professional printing, you can use graphics software which has a color management setting. If you allow the software to do the work, you might still receive better printouts.

Solutions to fix Epson printers not printing correctly issue

Now you know what are the reasons behind your Epson printer problem. In case you’re getting printouts with missing colors or no colors solve them by following the easy steps given below-

  • You can change the setting of your printer software to ‘COLOR’. For which you need to follow ‘Using the Automatic Mode’ for instructions.
  • You can also change the color settings in your application or in the printer software’s Advanced Dialogue box.
  • If the colors are still not correct, replace the ink cartridge. If the problem persists replace the black ink cartridge.
  • Try not using ink cartridges that are expired. Also, replace the ink cartridges if the printer had been out of use for a long time.


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