Check Out The Ways and Know How Your Favourite Facebook is Responsible for Making You Feel Depressed and Isolated

We know that what place does Facebook holds in our lives. I think there is not even a single person who doesn’t make use of it in this era. Forget not to mention it had helped a lot to make new contacts, meeting old friends and socializing. But do you know scientific research have revealed that excessive use of Facebook can make you feel depresses and isolated? You know why? This is because we try to ignore everything while using Facebook even our close ones which is not good.

In this article, we have explained in detail that how using lots of Facebook can lead you to in depression.

1. Facebook reveals more about you than you exactly do

Yes! It is true that any person can create a profile in his/her name by using your personal picture, your name and your photograph which might cause you to doubt your identity. Moreover, it makes difficult for you to trust someone with whom you are talking to and sharing your personal information. You don’t know when Facebook can lead you in any new trouble.

2. Facebook can make you believe what’s not true

It becomes very easy for you to believe in the things which you get to see over Facebook very frequently. This is because the number of likes and comments left by the people on that post make you believe what is not true which is not true as you cannot trust or judge a person without knowing the whole story behind it.

3. Facebook is responsible for making you insensitive


As, on Facebook, you are not interacting with the other individual in person, so you got the freedom to say whatever you feel like. But we don’t feel anything and we bully or bash someone easily, especially someone you don’t like knowing that the person can’t do anything.

4. Facebook makes you envious of your peers

Almost daily you get to see some new posts, video or similar things about your friends, the expensive flashy gadgets purchased by them, or maybe any new car or bike recently launched. Although you feel happy still it somehow makes you feel a bit jealous from inside.

5. Facebook can hurt your trust

Talking to random people to get away with your boredom is a very common thing nowadays. I bet almost every one of you has done this once in your life. But talking to unknown and random peoples may hurt your trust issues if someone breaks your heart after knowing about your inner feeling and everything personal about you.

6. Facebook keeps you away from socialization

Almost half of the time we waste on scrolling Facebook, but doesn’t you think that it is making you feel isolated and keeping you away from socialization? Yes, absolutely Facebook has also taken up our lives as we give much importance to scrolling things on Facebook instead of going out and enjoying with friends.