Struggling With Adobe Reader Error 129 ? Get It Fixed

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a program used for performing various tasks in a PDF( Portable Document Files). It lets you read a PDF or create a new or modify an existing file and perform many more task. However, Adobe Reader error 129 is an unexpected error which occurs without giving any warnings. Read the article to resolve the error. You can also contact their Adobe support for help.

Did you get a message pop up in the device screen ” There is a problem reading this document (129)”? It signifies that your device is facing Adobe error 129. It means that the Adobe Reader is unable to open the document, as the record is corrupted or messed up somehow. However, you may face the Adobe Acrobat Reader error 129 while performing other functions in the Adobe Acrobat reader.

Adobe Reader error 129- Causes And Consequences

Imagine in the middle of an important work, you get a message from the Adobe Reader that it is unable to open the file. The error 129 indicates that your data is corrupted or it has some other problems for which you are unable to open the file. Let us take a look at the reasons for Adobe error 129.

Whenever you are creating or editing a PDF from the email or any web page, you will face the error. However, there is less chance of facing this error if you are working on any downloaded PDF files. If you try to open a broken record, which is corrupted or somehow damaged, then you can get the Adobe Reader error 129.

If you open or print the corrupted file, you will encounter the error message. There was an error processing a page.  There was a problem reading this document (129). As a result, you will get to see that your file is not opening. If it opens anyways, then you will get a garbage data in the PDF. Some pages may show trash document or blank pages as well.

There are also many more reasons for facing the error. If you are looking forward to resolving the error then, go through the content. We have brought you some solutions to fix Adobe error 129 in a short span of time.

Efficient Solutions To Fix Adobe Reader Error 129

Encountering error 129 is one of the most annoying failure the Adobe users can face. Follow the steps to get rid of the issue. You can also take their expert guidance to resolve the problem in no time.

  • If you are not launching the Acrobat Reader, then launch the reader first.
  • Now, opt for the help option in it.
  • Go with the Repair Acrobat installations process.
  • After repairing, its time to reboot the system now.
  • If needed then you can change the browser.
  • Try opening the PDF without any error. You can take help of PDF printing programs.

Did you successfully troubleshoot the error? If not then, you can contact for the additional support.