Fix AOL Error Code 104 | Get Easy Solutions

AOL is one of the best online service providers. Being best doesn’t mean being perfect. Even AOL is not free from technical glitches. Some users register a complaint about AOL Error Code 104. If you download and install the AOL Instant Messenger software incompletely, then you can face the error message.  If you are also facing the same problem, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get some easy solutions with which you can solve the error on your own.

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Symptoms Of The Error:

Whenever you encounter such an error, there will be some common symptoms. Likewise, you may get an error message, like “AOL Error Code 104.”. Again, you may see the system crashing due to error code 104. Most importantly, you will find the performance of the system, keyboard or mouse very sluggish and the computer will freeze periodically.

The Reasons Behind AOL Error Code 104:

There can be many reasons behind the AOL error. The 104 error message may occur at the time of installing a program. Again, if you are running a software program related to the AOL instant messenger, then it can result in the error message. After that, it may also happen at the time of startup and shutdown of the Windows.

Likewise, if the installation of the AOL Instant Messenger software is corrupted, then you may face the issue. A virus invasion can be another reason for the error. Also, if you delete the instant messenger-related files improperly, you would come across the error again.

How To Fix The Error Code:

Generally, people rely on the technicians to remove the error code 104. But before connecting the technicians, you can try some quick steps to fix the error code by yourself. Follow the given solutions step-by-step-

Solution 1: Clean Up The Temporary Files:

First of all, delete all the temporary files from your system. Temporary files take a lot of memory space and cause 104 error. To erase the temporary files, you can press the key combination of Windows and R to open the Run Window. Type “temp” and search for the temporary files. When the window opens, select the required files and delete them. As the temporary files are not that much important, it is always better to keep removing the files frequently.

Solution 2: Scan The System:

Secondly, check if any malware or virus is interrupting the computer or not. Scan the system to delete the malware. To scan the system, you can use any third-party antivirus. Alternatively, you can turn Windows Firewall on to scan the system. Scanning may remove the error code.

Solution 3: Install All The Available Updates:

If you are getting the AOL Error Code 104 still now, then you can update the Windows to get rid of the error. Microsoft improves all the systems of the Windows and gives update regularly. You need to install all of them. To perform this step, at first go to the “Start” menu and search for “updates.” Inside the “Windows Update” dialogue box, you will get the information of all desired updates. Install all of them one by one. After completing the whole installation, you may able to remove the error.

Solution 4: Perform a Clean Installation of Windows:

Finally, if all the hacks mentioned above fails to resolve the error code 104, you can reinstall the Windows. Reinstallation can remove some errors out of the hard drive. The reinstallation can take some time and would ask for a restart at the end.

Now, after trying all the methods, if you are unable to find the perfect solution for the AOL Error Code 104.