BCM20702a0 Driver Issues: Get Easy Fix

A Driver is essentially important as it enables hardware devices to communicate with the Operating System. BCM20702a0 is a Broadcom Bluetooth driver. If your laptop has no built-in Bluetooth device, you’d need to access the BCM20702a0. While using BCM20702a0, there are chances that you may face some glitches with the BCM20702a0 Driver.

A Driver is a set of digital instructions. If it suddenly fails to operate, then it can bring massive changes to the entire system. A backdated driver lacks restore and backup features. Therefore, users should be concerned about updating Drivers on a regular basis.



BCM20702a0 not working, issues you may face:

BCM20702a0 Bluetooth provides us with all the features like a built-in Bluetooth device. However, due to a few hardware and software issues, the device fails to operate properly, or not work at all.

  • Broadcom Bluetooth Adapter comes with the BCM20702a0 Driver. The first time you try to connect the adapter, the Driver ceases to perform. Sometimes, the Driver may not be available. After a number of efforts to plug it into your computer or laptop, it does not bring any changes.
  • You may have tried to uninstall the Bluetooth, deleting everything related to it and then reinstalling it. Could you see any improvements? We can tell you didn’t. It happens due to software glitches. The software may have blocked the installation of the driver. You may notice the Device Manager window, where you can either find no Bluetooth tab at all or a new tab with the name ‘BCM20702a0’ followed by an exclamation point. It clearly reveals that the Driver may be available, but cannot be accessed.

Fix Your BCM20702a0 Driver Issues:

Driver issues decrease the usability of the entire system. To eliminate the issues you can go through the few methods mentioned below:

Method 1: Reboot

One of the simplest methods to fix common hardware problems is to reboot your system. Make sure while you reboot your system, there is a proper network connection.

  • First remove BCM20702a0 Bluetooth
  • After a few minutes, reconnect it.
  • Make sure that you have removed any other USB devices. No need to disconnect the keyboard or the mouse, if connected.
  • You should check the USB ports carefully whether it works properly or not.

Method 2: Update driver

For any hardware or software issues, users should keep updating the Drivers. As an updated Driver can solve out most of the issues. Steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Device Manager.
  3. Click on the ‘Other Device’ option to select BCM20702a0 Driver.
  4. You will get a Driver tab. You can now update the Driver.
  5. Before updating the Driver, you should know about the version of Driver. Open the Device Manager and click on the properties of the Driver.

Method 3:

If the above method does not work, then you can update the Driver from Broadcom’s site. Click on the Bluetooth Development Kit and you will be able to download the Driver.

If these steps are too much complicated for you then, get the most hassle-free solution. You can update the Driver automatically. All you need to do is, download any Driver Tool. Access the tool properly and you can now update the Driver easily.