Get The Solution For Firefox Script Error – Get Easy Solutions

Firefox script Error happens on some specific websites. A warning message “Unresponsive script” appears on the computer’s screen with two options to choose from -“Continue” and ‘Stop Script.’ If you click on ‘Stop Script,’ the script will stop running. This will prevent crashing of the browser and also stop running out of memory.

If you find the problem on a particular page, then a script on that page is causing this error. On the other hand, if this error happens simultaneously in multiple browsers, the problem is with your computer or a browser add-on.

Why does Firefox Script Error happen?

Firefox displays script error because it assumes that a script has problems and the browser would hang if the error continues. Webroot Spy Sweeper tracking cookies feature can cause this error also.

Another common cause is the protected mode feature of the flash player plugin. The error stops the Mozilla Firefox browser from loading particular pages and making Firefox unresponsive.


It can happen because the Mozilla Firefox which you are running on your PC is out-of-date. The older version of your browser will not provide specific functions available in a new browser. Some scripts can also have issues with hardware acceleration related to video cards. If the security level in antivirus setting is set high, script errors can occur. Occasionally, some scripts use Java in place of Javascript to run scripts but can generate error messages. Also if the script you want to run on your site has bugs, it will lead to error messages and can also slow down your system.


Standard procedures to solve unresponsive script error

  • Firefox script error can originate from innumerable sources. Therefore, contact to save your time in detecting the cause and fixing the issue.
  • Disable synchronization of items like apps, settings, tab, history, password, etc. in Firefox.
  • You can also disable hardware acceleration and start Firefox in safe mode to avoid loading add-ons. Then, reset your browser security and check whether it fixes the Firefox script error.
  • If some particular sites are creating this problem, block scripts from running on those websites. You can always use third-party plugins to carry this process.