Resolve Epson Ink Cartridge Not Recognised Issue? Help

Are you really frustrated to see ‘Cartridge not recognized’ error message again and again? Don’t worry my friend. Go through my article and know everything about Epson ink cartridge not recognised error. This problem can take a toll on the performance of your Epson printer. Your work pace can slow down and things may go astray.

The steps mentioned below may need a quite a bit of technical knowledge. So if you have any kind of doubt, contact Support instead of fixing your printer yourself.

The Cause of Epson Ink Cartridge Not Recognised Error

There are so many reasons which cause Epson ink cartridge not recognised errors. If your cartridges get empty, you can see the message. If you have a faulty or outdated chip you can see the same message. If you have installed your Epson ink cartridge incorrectly the message will appear to you. Moreover getting this message is very normal if you are using an empty Epson ink cartridge.

Epson Printer not Recognizing Ink Cartridge – Easy Fixes

We know how much irritating this is. You have just installed a new cartridge but your printer is prompting you an empty cartridge message. Try these steps given here to solve the issue.

  • Find the Stop/Reset/Resume button on your printer. Press and hold down the key for 10 seconds.
  • Problem not solved yet? Let’s try some different steps…
  • Firstly, pull out the drum unit
  • Then, take out the cartridge
  • Finally, pull it back in the drum unit again


Hardware related issue can be the reason for your problem. Even the printer’s toner cartridge can also cause the problem you are facing. Try these easy fixes to solve them

First of all, remove the Imaging Unit and then reinstall it. Make sure you have locked that imaging unit into its place when reinstalling it. If you still face the issue you may have to replace it with another one. Well, before replacing it check whether the problems are in other parts.

Still having the problem? Let’s check if the Main Charge grid if it is the reason for the problem. Simply remove the main charge grid and install it back. If the problem arose due to a temporary error in the Charge Grid this step can easily solve the problem for you.

Turn off the printer and turn it on again after some time.