Epson printer printing blank pages? Get reliable solution

There is no doubt that Epson printer provides the best service for printing and scanning. But we often see Epson printer printing blank pages. This is really a major issue when printer stops printing documents. After all, that is what a printer is supposed to do.

There are a few things which could be the cause of this problem. This problem may occur when you install new a cartridge or it may also occur in a printer which is using old cartridge. A glitch in hardware or software can also lead to such an error.  

If you are also a victim of this problem, then go through this article to get a detailed idea to rectify these problems. You can solve it on your own or you can take help.


Epson printer printing blank pages – What Are The Possible Causes?

Reasons and solutions for Epson XP-410 printer printing blank pages: Your Epson printer printing blank pages because:


  • Empty cartridge issue: You printer can print blank pages when your cartridges is empty. Always check ink or toner levels in your cartridge and replace it when it is necessary.


    1. Disconnected cartridge: If your cartridge is full and ready to print but if it gets disconnected or it is no longer electrically connected with the printer then your printer will not work properly. To get rid of this problem, simply reinstall the cartridge. This may ensure everything runs and prints normal.


  • Incorrect paper size: Your printer may also face printing issues if you have accidentally changed the in-program paper size. Go back to your paper size and make sure that correct paper size is selected.


    1. Clogged Nozzles: This problem occurs if you use your printer irregularly. Infrequently use of the printer with hardened ink may clog up the nozzles of your printer. Select “print head nozzle check” option in your printer to avoid this problem. This helps to remove blockages and also helps the ink to flow without any interruption.


  • Blank pages problem in the document: When you print multi-page document there might be a possibility to break up the sections which are very tough to delete from the document.   


    1. Printer driver issue: Always update your printer driver to get a flawless printing experience. An outdated printer driver can cause different kinds of printing issues. Download and install the drivers which are made for your operating system.


  • Ink cartridge problem: Make sure that your cartridge and print head is totally ink-free. To do this firstly


  • Restart the printer
  • Remove all the ink cartridge from the machine. Use cotton swabs to clean the print head and the contacts of each cartridge.
  • Continue this process until there is no ink residue coming off on the cotton swab.
  • Now allow the cartridge and print heads to dry.
  • Then restart your system after a few minutes.

Apply these methods to get rid of cartridge ink problems.