Epson Projector Bulb Replacement | Easy Fixes

Bulbs are the most necessary part of any projector. They help the projectors present the image on the screen. Therefore, you can understand the importance of projector bulbs. In case your Epson Projector indicates that the bulb is about to go off and lead to permanent rupture of entertainment it’s time for your Epson projector bulb replacement.

If you continue using your projector for about 2000 hours you are sure to see dull and lifeless pictures by the end. This is a clear sign that you need to go replacement of your projector bulb for best quality pictures. Another obvious sign that shows your projector bulb needs replacement is when you switch on the projector and there is no picture. While some models might display a message asking you to replace your projector bulb. There are various options which will tell you to replace.

When the image starts to flicker or waver probably it is another signal that you give up with your projector bulb and get a new one.

However, replacing your projector bulb can never be a waste of money but be sure when to replace.


Epson Projector Bulb Replacement: How To Do It?

Though each projector has its individual setting, here are some basic steps that you can follow when you want to replace your projector bulb.

  • Make sure your projector is not overheated and unplugged before you start replacing the bulb.
  • Remove the panel using a screwdriver.
  • Open the lamp compartment door.
  • Remove the lamp and clean the area inside. Make sure you don’t use your bare hands as it can be dangerous.
  • Place the new lamp inside the module. Set a lamp timer if required.


In case you don’t want to keep changing your projector bulb often, you can follow the guidelines below to make your projector lamps last longer-

How to make Project bulbs last long?

  • The basic reason for lamp failure is overheating. Make sure your projector is never excessively heated.
  • The lamp is more damage prone while it is hot so, make sure you move the projector at least after 10 minutes of switching it off.
  • Filters should be regularly cleaned. Also, you should keep a check that you operate the projectors in clean dust free environment.
  • Keep space around the projectors to let the air disperse freely.  
  • Make sure you never your projector out in extreme weather conditions.