Epson Projector Overheating: Easy Steps to Fix

Epson brings a wide variety of top-quality projectors with excellent features. However, users may often face issues with it, one such being the problem Epson Projector Overheating. Well, fixing the overheating issue of Epson Projectors is not a difficult task.

Most of the projectors in the market use lamps and bulbs as their light engine which give out a tremendous amount of heat and can easily reach a temperature of 200-300 while operating.  It is very important to keep clear space around the projector which does not restrict airflow as constant air and power supply will keep your projectors safe from overheating.

Why is Epson Projector Overheating?

A power supply is a basic and easily available requirement for running a projector. However,  unsteady power supply leads to sudden projector failure, which can be solved by attaching an accessory with the printer that would clean the dirty power and maintain the flow of clean power to the printer. Epson Projector Overheating is one of the main issues of a projector.  

Clean fresh air is the second requirement for your projector to run smooth. As projector bulbs consume a lot of energy, they need to be kept cool and thus require a stable supply of air. If this is hampered the projector will shut down unexpectedly and also it might lead to permanent damage of your projector.

Thus, keep the projector clean from clutters or any other piled item because the fans inside the projector are designed to cool the units while operating. So if you block the airflow, even it in the least time it can result in overheating and subsequently to unexpected shutdown.

Make sure nothing blocks the air flow if you suspect anything of that sort just follow the given steps and clean your projector:

  • Before you unplug the power cord, turn off the projector and wait for the light to stop flashing.
  • To clean the vent, use a vacuum cleaner made for computers ao if you don’t have one just use a soft, clean brush
  • If the dirt difficult to remove, unfortunately, your filter is damaged, or if the message appears even after cleaning you will have to replace the filter.

You can also choose Projector Enclosure Cooling Options to keep your projector cool. There are two ways you can do this- Fan cooled option and Climate Controlled Option.

Fan cooled option– You can easily keep your projector clean cool and protected into a project enclosure. Fan cooled enclosures are usually used in factories, manufacturing plants, retails, commercial and even home theatre. However, you can also use this indoors. It will basically keep your projector cool by drawing air as an when required.

Climate cooled option– if you need to place your projector outdoors we suggest you choose climate to cool so that extreme climate conditions are not able to affect your projector. As it maintains a stable temperature every time it helps your projector run for years without damage. They require to connect to a power source for maximum results.