Amazing Ways To Fix Epson Scanner Error 9923

The most frequent registered issue with the Epson scanner is Epson scanner error 9923. When you’re in the middle of an important work, the scanner shows this error message. We understand how annoying it can be! Until you fix the solution, you cannot proceed to complete the scanning task.

Epson Error Communicating Scanner 9923 – What Are The Reasons?

Among all Epson Scanner errors, an error while communicating with the scanner -9923 Epson, gets on the nerves of every user. Before jumping in conclusions, let’s see what can cause such an error.

When you face trouble with the scanner and not with the printer, it shows the communication error. In spite of installing software packages, you still get the error.


The possible reason behind this is the automatic driver update. The driver update is not necessary every time unless you have a backdated driver. So, be careful of automatic driver update.


How To Fix The Epson Scanner Error 9923?

There are a few guidelines you can go through to eliminate the glitch:

  • You must ensure that your Epson scanner has a steady power resource. If the scanner is connected to a lagging power source, then such kind of error messages are displayed.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the scanner setting correctly. Otherwise, it fails to makes a proper connection with the device.
  • The quickest and easiest step is to unplug the scanner first. After a few seconds restart the Epson scanner.
  • Try to avoid making a connection with USB cable. Connect the printer/scanner directly with the device. In case, if you have made a USB cable connection, then make sure that the connection is not loose. You can try the USB cable that comes along with the scanner box.
  • Check the driver of the system. If you are using a backdated software driver, then try to update it as soon as possible.
  • Before you update the driver, make sure you are updating for a reason. As, if you are not in a trouble but continue to update the driver frequently, then it may cause a problem.