Easy Solution To Fix Firefox Error 2035 | One Stop Solution

Firefox error 2035 occurs during program installation. If either of the firefox or Adobe Flash Player is not up-to-date, this error will occur. There can be a bug in the Mozilla Firefox browser which is causing this error. When you try to play a video which is missing from your computer, you will receive this error. When this error code appears, the active program windows on your PC will crash. If you continue to run the same program, your device will keep on crashing. Your computer may periodically freeze for a few seconds. It is a common problem for users of Windows 7,8,10, Vista, XP, ME and 2000.

Causes of Firefox Error 2035

Firefox can exhibit a wide range of errors, and each of these errors can have several sources. However, let us see some prominent causes behind Firefox error 2035-

  • If you try to play a removed youtube video, Firefox will show this error. When firefox cannot play embedded videos, it generates this error code.
  • One of the extensions of Firefox or an add-on can also cause this error. Problem with hardware acceleration is not uncommon in this case. Corrupted download or incomplete installation of Firefox can show this error code.
  • Virus or malware attack to your computer will also cause this error. There can be corruption in Windows registry due recent installation or uninstallation of firefox related software.
  • Any program can maliciously or wrongly delete any firefox related files. Firefox error 2035 usually occurs during Windows startup or shutdown or installation of the Windows operating system. Corrupted Windows system file can be another probable cause.

If you have not cleaned the temporary files and folders on your PC, firefox flash error 2035 will occur. Your computer may not have the latest Windows updates.


The recent system changes may not support Firefox and cause this error code. Outdated device drivers is another problem. Damaged or older version of firefox plugin is another source of this issue.

How can you recover your PC from Firefox error 2035?

It is advisable to immediately seek the assistance of a tech head to resolve the error. For the time being, you can try some of the following steps-

Solution 1-

Update your device drivers and install all available Windows update. Have a complete malware scan for your PC and take immediate measures to remove it. Identify and remove the bug from Mozilla Firefox.

Solution 2-

Repair your Windows registry by running Windows system file checker. Use the Windows system restore to cancel all recent changes. Clear all system junk with disk cleanup.

You can disable all Firefox extensions one at a time and change the firefox setting. Hope that rectifies the error and enable you smooth operation.