Expert Solution to Resolve Firefox Proxy Server Error

Firefox proxy server error occurs when the proxy server refuses to connect. This problem happens with Google only. There are chances of loss of extensions, open websites, and few preferences. When this error occurs, you will receive a message stating that the proxy server is refusing connections.

A detailed account of Firefox proxy server error

Go through the points below for determining whether the symptoms are familiar to you.

When Firefox error occurs, the proxy server denies connections on Ubuntu. The proxy server will withhold connections on Chrome. Firefox proxy server error on Mac. The proxy server of Firefox will not connect on Windows 10. There will be a Proxy server connectivity problem on Orfox.

Figure out why Firefox proxy server error occurs

If the proxy settings are incorrect, then this error is bound to happen. Let us also see some other causes-

  • A malicious program may infect Firefox proxy server. The proxy server will stop working due to this reason.
  • Malware or virus infection on your PC is one of the most probable causes. If you have installed any distrustful software, it will cause this error.
  • Incomplete and wrong installation of Firefox or any software on your computer are other reasons. You might not have opted for custom installation for optional software that you never wanted to download.

If you do not pay attention to the optional installation in a software installer such as Instant player fixer, you will face Firefox proxy server error. Any adware or plugins can create the same mistake.

Some associated complications with Firefox proxy server error

Advertising banners will be present on the web pages which you will visit. Random web page text on your computer will turn into a hyperlink. Browser popups will appear and recommend you to do fake updates or install software. There might be an installation of other unwanted adware programs without your knowledge.

Simple methods for removal of Firefox proxy server error

The troubleshooting for firefox proxy server error requires the assistance of a technically trained person. Below are some easy tricks for you to check this error.

Solution 1

Restore the default proxy settings of Firefox to your PC. You have to remove the proxy server that is not connecting adware from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. You can perform this activity by using AdwCleaner.

Solution 2

Use a removal tool to remove the proxy server which is refusing connections with a browser hijacker. Such removal tools are available on the internet, but you have to select the right one.

Solution 3

Utilize Malwarebytes Antimalware Free to remove all traces of malware like spyware, trojans, etc. Change the network setting in the Firefox web browser and start working.

If the problem still persists, then there is a probability of some other critical problem ruining your device. Under this situation scan your computer for viruses and use antivirus applications to remove them. Finally, uninstall any harmful programs from your system.


Firefox proxy server error is not an unusual issue for Firefox users.  you can provide us with feedback after reading this article.