Troubleshoot Gmail Error 707: Effective Solutions

Gmail is one of the most widely used web-based email service across the world. Despite having many useful features, it also comes up with some questionable errors. Gmail error 707 is one of the common issues users encounter frequently. This error usually occurs while sending a mail. So, if you’re also facing the same issue while sending mail using Gmail, don’t freak out. With the right methods, you can quickly fix the error.

What To Know About Gmail Error 707?

One may come across Gmail error 707 at the time of sending mail to someone. This usually happens due to enabling some labs. Generally, it prompts as ‘Oops…the system encountered a problem(#707)’ or ‘Server error occurred, and your email was not sent(error 707)’.

Often the Gmail users report about the Gmail Oops error 707. The apparent reason for this error is enabling the ‘Background Send’ in Gmail lab.

Gmail Oops Error 707 | Easy Tricks To Resolve The Issue

If your Gmail account is causing issues while sending emails to others, then it may be due to Gmail error 707. But there are various ways to get rid of this problem. In the following steps, you can find some of the effective ways to fix this error:

Method 1: Disable The ‘Background Send’ Lab

The enabling of the ‘Background Send’ lab is the core reason for this error. Therefore, you need to disable it. To do that follow the below steps

  • First, log in to your Gmail account. Then click the Gear Box tab and select Settings option.
  • In the Settings tab, go to the Labs option on the right side.
  • There you’ll find an option Search for a lab. Type Background Send in the box and press Enter.
  • The Background Send lab will appear in the screen. Then disable it. In this way, you can clear the error 707, and you can send mail successfully again.

Method 2: Alternate Solutions

If the Oops error 707 still occurs even after disabling the Gmail lab, then you can try the below steps to fix it.

  • First of all, update your browser.
  • After completing the update, clear the cache and cookies of your browser.
  • If there are any add-ons or extensions active in your Browser, disable it. After that, restart the browser.
  • Then you should temporarily deactivate the virus detector.
  • If other problems arise, then go for a different browser.
  • Use the basic version of Gmail if you find the error is still present.