Is your iPhone 6 home button not working? solve the problems

Apple has brought a new revolution and dimension to the smartphones industry with its wide range of products with different models offering top class professional performances, emerging as the actual game changers in the world of mobile phones. But, with time, you may encounter issues like the iPhone 6 home button not working. Contact us at their helpline numbers to know how best you can get rid of this error in your iPhones. Using the iOS software of Apple, these smartphones are filled with lots of interesting and exciting features, to ensure that you have a truly unique experience.


The problem of the iPhone 6 home button not working is a commonly found issue in many models of the iPhones, particularly iPhone 6. This problem may happen because of some hardware problems like wear and tear of the phone. Another problem is that there can be any damages in with the home button or key. A disconnection in the logic board can also be the reason behind the issue.a. There can also be specific software causing the error of iPhone home button not working.

We would help you in performing these techniques to fix iPhone home button

  • Testing the home button for any physical damage.
  • Checking the entire phone to see if there are damage in any other areas.
  • Switching off the phone and then switching it on again to see if the key works.
  • Backing up all the data and restoring the phone to try solving the problem.
  • Try to repair the home button if there is damage.
  • Calibrating the phone.
  • Resetting the alignment of the docking port.
  • Cleaning the home button manually.
  • Try to turn on the on-screen or virtual home button in your iPhone.