How To Fix iPhone No Service Issue: Get The Reliable Solution

iPhone No Service” is a nightmare for iPhone users. There is no shortcut to fix your problem within a second. You need to know the reason and solve those problems carefully. If your iPhone says no service that means you are not able to make phone calls, send text messages or even you can not access the internet.

So that makes your iPhone, well, useless. What’s the use of spending hundreds of dollar on something that can’t make use of? Don’t worry.

Read this article, here you will get all the reliable and best ways to fix your problem. Your iPhone might suffer from some hardware or software issues. Do not take it easy. Maybe your iPhone needs some hardware or software specialist.

However, it’s better to take an official advice to repair iPhone issue. Connect with Support as they are one of the best iPhone Repair Services to provide you with the most suitable solutions. Check out the easy methods here.


Possible Causes for iPhone No Service

There may be several reasons for iPhone no service. It may be a faulty sim card problem, cellular network problem, hardware or software problem. New software updates contain bugs which may affect your iPhone.

iphone no service

Why not have a word with their experts and know the specific reason? We’ll run a series of tests and come up with the most relevant cause followed by the most effective solution.

How To Get Service On New iPhone? Get The Best Solutions

If you want to know how to service on new iPhone, then go through the given methods

  1. Check for Carrier Settings update:
  • Connect your device to a WiFi or cellular network.
  • Tap on Settings then go to General and then about.
  • Now update the latest version of your Carrier Settings.
  • You need to download the carrier settings If you insert a new SIM card into your iPhone.
  1. Reset Network Settings: If you reset your iPhone’s network, you may fix all sorts of cellular and WiFi-related problems. Follow the given process to reset the Network Settings:
  • Open Settings and then go to General then Reset Network Settings
  • Enter your iPhone passcode when the pop-up appears near the bottom of your iPhone’s display and then tap on Reset Network Settings.


  1. Check Cellular Settings: Your iPhone might say No service if something isn’t set up correctly. For that, you should check Cellular Settings. Sometimes you can solve the problem by doing this simple steps.
  • First, tap on Settings then go to Cellular and make sure that Cellular data is on.
  • Go to Cellular data option and turn on Voice Roaming
  • Now turn off automatic carrier selection.


  1. Take Out Your SIM Card: If you remove your Sim card your iPhone may stop saying no service. Simply take out and again insert your Sim card to resolve this issue. It will surely help you.
  2. Check for water damage: You can resolve your iPhone issues by doing the above methods but if there is any water damage in your iPhone then it is not so easy to resolve it quickly. You must take help from their iPhone Service Center. Also, you can contact Support’s tech expert to fix your iPhone water-damaged problem. 



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