How To Fix iPhone Won’t Turn On – Resolve Easily iPhone

Is your iPhone not turning on? What iPhone won’t turn on issue is pretty familiar with iPhone users. Some simple DIY hacks can temporarily solve the problem you are facing. A trusted source with proper hacks to resolve your issue is adamant to find. But you are in the right place. We can help you with some real time fixes. Go through the article and learn what to do when iPhone doesn’t turn on.

Before moving forward with any solutions, let’s concentrate on some of the most basic things.

First of all, make sure the battery is not empty. It sounds silly, right? It can cause the problem you are facing. Maybe charging adapter and cable is at fault. That’s why your iPhone is not loading.

Another critical point, if you by mistake have deleted any essential inbuilt application. This can also be the reason. So, make sure all the in-built apps are present. If you have mistakenly deleted something, try to recover it. Take help from the Support for Apple products. Dial the toll-free customer service number as the experts available there will guide you.


If there is a problem with your internal hardware or your iPhone iOS crashed, then you will undoubtedly encounter this issue. Let’s save this for last and see the primary solutions that you can implement to fix this issue.


What to Do When iPhone Doesn’t Turn on – 5 Easy Fixes To Try

You can try these five potential solutions to resolve iPhone won’t turn on the issue. However, you can also take the help of professionals to fix the problem you are facing. Visit the Tech Support portal and talk to the chat assistants about the issue.

Try to Hard Reset Your iPhone

If you have already checked and your phone’s battery is charging, but your iPhone is not turning on; try restarting your device. To perform the task, press and hold down lock/power and home button. Hold the keys for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo. If its already on, then at the bottom you will see a slider offering you to turn it off then restart the device would be an excellent way to get back.

Put Your iPhone into Recovery Mode

If hard resetting your device fails to turn on the iPhone, it means you should try the same in a recovery mode. To do so, connect your iPhone to a computer.


Then, open iTunes and select your device, remember to keep on holding the home button. It will delete all the memory, but no harm will be done to the stored data.

Use Factory Reset on your iPhone

If performing the above two-steps didn’t work out correctly, no issues; we are not done yet. Now let’s try the Factory Reset option. But, before doing so, you should backup all data stored on the device. As performing these steps will delete all the storage memory. Plug in the iPhones USB cable to the dock while holding down the home button. Connect the other end to the computer.

This will open the iTunes for you where you get the factory reset option. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete repairing the iPhone Not Working error.

Open Your iPhone in The DFU Mode

If you tried a jailbreak on your iPhone or interrupted iOS update, then you can also face this issue. If so, then reboot your device in DFU mode.

  • Connect the iPhone to a computer
  • Then press the power button and the home button at the same time. Hold it down for at least 10 seconds.
  • If the iPhone shows a black screen, you are in DFU mode.
  • Now follow the system guided instructions to complete the process.

Fix The Proximity Sensor

Though it is rare, problems with sensors can cause iPhone won’t turn On issues. Malfunctions with the proximity sensor turns-off your screen even when the devices switched on. Restart your iPhone and go to settings and reset all the existing settings. It will erase all the user preferences and settings without doing any damage to your stored memory.