Why Lenovo Laptop Not Charging? Get Help

People often get tensed with their laptop issues. The most common problem with a Lenovo laptop is a Lenovo laptop not charging correctly.

It is very much irritating if your expensive laptop does not work correctly. Most of the time, we only focus on the expenditure it would take to repair the laptop battery.

Well, it is easier now to troubleshoot the error first and then fix the problem with the battery. At least, you can detect yourself whether this is a faulty battery or the loose connection of the adapter.

There can be many reasons behind the Lenovo laptop not charging. You should examine the cord and the adapter first. If you find anything wrong with the connections, then it can be rectified very quickly.

But if there is nothing related to cord or the adapter, then it must be for the battery.

In such cases, don’t get worried about your laptop issues. You should check the warranty period before replacing the parts. You may have a free repairing service as well.

Lenovo Laptop Not Charging: Detection Of The Cause Is Important

Go through the few steps and detect the problem first:

  • If suddenly you see that your Lenovo Laptop not charging, then one thing you must do is unplug your laptop for a few moments and try a new outlet. People report that they have got results many times.
  • Check the cord properly: You should also check the entire cable of the charger. If it smells like burnt plastic, then it must be the faulty cord that leads to not charging the laptop.
  • Detect the connection: There are times when the cord is not connected accurately. Therefore, you must inspect the connections.
  • Start the computer without a battery: You can shut down the laptop and remove the battery. Plug the computer without a battery, and if the computer starts functioning correctly, then it must be because of the defective cell.

And if the laptop won’t turn on, then the cord needs to be replaced.

Lenovo laptop battery not charging: Replacing the cord can also do the task

  1. If your laptop battery gets very hot, then all you need to do is shut down the laptop and allow it to cool down for a few minutes.
  2. Update device manager: First go to the start button and the control panel. After that open the device manager. Under the device manager, you can see update driver option. Often updating a driver can solve such issues.

Continue this step several times, and restart the laptop.

  1. Uninstall or reinstall the driver: Driver controls an entire device. It enables hardware devices to communicate with the computer’s operating system. Like any other computer application update, a driver also has updates and new features. In a Lenovo laptop, it is a common issue with keyboards, mouse, and the battery. It may be a result of backdated driver version. The only easy solution to this problem is the Lenovo driver update.
  2. Take a look at the battery settings: When you open the control panel, you can see the battery settings options. To rectify the issue, you can expand the Battery Tab.

There can be any other problems inside the laptop. To fix the issue, you can follow the above steps. But if the problem persists, then it must be some other faults in the laptop.