Fix Linksys Smart WiFi Media Prioritization Error | get help

Linksys smart WiFi media prioritization error code suddenly appears due to several reasons. If you are facing the same problem and looking for ways to get it fixed.

Linksys routers fulfill heavy-duty oriented networking demands. It is known to its durability and networking efficiency. So, to streamline your workflow again, get in touch with. 

Causes of Linksys Smart WiFi Media Prioritization Error

There can be many reasons which are causing this issue. We have specified some of the common ones.

  • Media prioritization is not loading due to improper network configuration
  • Web service option in the advanced settings is not working properly
  • Having malware and virus issues and also some hardware problems
  • Additionally, network connection related issues are responsible
  • Corrupted router and WiFi problem
  • This error can also appear if the router cannot apply the priorities correctly

If you are facing any of the problems listed above-

Fix Linksys Error

We have introduced some optimized DIY steps for resolving your issue. However, if you are unsure, let their support know. 

Solution 1

  • Firstly, disable the current browser that you are using
  • Try to reconfigure your Linksys router
  • Go to advanced settings and use the web service
  • Enable phishing and malware protection

If you can use the web service properly, it might help you to remove all the navigation errors

Alternatively, you can try out another method if the previous one is not working.

Solution 2:

  • Disable all the security add-ons and save the router configuration by using IE or FF
  • Next, disconnect all other devices before performing a factory reset
  • Download the FW file to your local wired LAN PC


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