Malwarebytes Rootkit Error: Get Top Quality Technical Solution

Malwarebytes has become one of the popular antivirus software in recent times. It offers excellent security solutions against potential malware and virus. It is one of the preferred antivirus programs for the customers. However, the customers face several issues related to Malwarebytes Error and rootkit error is being one of them.

Luckily, there are some easy fixes for the problem. Seek assistance from their Malwarebytes experts and solve the problem in no time.

About Malwarebytes Rootkit Error

Customers from every corner of the world approach us with several Malwarebytes errors. their technicians listen to every query with patience and resolve the problems in no time.

In case you are facing Malwarebytes Rootkit error, you will see a message flashing on the screen ‘ Malwarebytes is unable to load the Anti-Rootkit DDA Driver’. Rootkit error is actually caused due to the timing issue. And you will also find that the anti-rootkits are not loading fast enough on Windows.

However, you can resolve the problem easily. Still, if you are not tech savvy enough, we will recommend you not to take any risk. It may damage your system. And you may lose some important data also. So, take help from their experts. their experts are well-versed in solving all kinds of Malwarebytes errors.

Fix Malwarebytes Rootkit Driver Error In Simple Steps

Their technical support team provides step by step solution which you can follow below. Hope the solution will help you to eradicate the rootkit driver problem. Firstly, you will find that their experts recommend delaying the Malwarebytes Service. It will allow the Anti-Rootkit driver to load correctly on startup.

To Delay The Service

  • Open the Run dialog box
  • There you type in services.msc. After that click on OK
  • You will see User Account Control Window appearing. So, now click on Yes
  • Under Service window scroll down until you find Malwarebytes Service
  • Select the Malwarebytes Service and go to Properties
  • Click the menu option that you will find next to Startup type. From there select Automatic (Delayed Start)
  • Click on Apply
  • Restart the computer

Hope the solution will solve you are the nagging issue of Malwarebytes rootkit error. If the problem does not resolve, do not worry. We have the technical support team to offer you the best solutions.

We understand how it feels when the antivirus program stops working or come up with an error or two. Your system is left unprotected and thus, you may lose your data, with regards to your software, any work/project that you are doing anytime. In such a situation, don’t lose hope, just trust us and we would emerge as your best companion for help.  

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