Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 0xC004F074 Easily Solution

The main cause of Microsoft Office Error Code 0xC004F074 is due to data issues as well as the problems with time sync. However, it is seen that users are reporting this issue when there is a disruption of Office Activation Server overloading. Here, we have explained the methods to fix Microsoft office activation wizard error code 0xc004f074 with a simple and proper guide.

Possible Causes Of This Error Code

Different users have come up with their own explanations of the above error code and they are as follows:

  • There may be issues with the DNS client.
  • Users might have tried to access the same server with a different time zone. Here, they are able to activate their copy of Microsoft Office.

Methods To Fix Microsoft office error code 0xc004f074

Method 1: Work with the Microsoft Office 2016 Volume License Pack (16.0.4324.1002)

To get rid of the Microsoft office error code 0xc004f074, you must download and install the latest Microsoft Office 2016 Volume License Pack which has 16.0.4324.1002 version. To do this, follow below instructions:

Step 1: The very first step is to click on “date and time” icon. This is an option that users will be able to see on the taskbar. Now, one must select “Date and time settings” button.

Step 2: If the users are working on Windows 10 then, they need to ensure that they have selected the option “Set Time Automatically” and toggled it to “on”.

Step 3: For other Operating Systems, users can click on “Internet Time” option. Now, the next step will be to check the “Automatically synchronize with Internet time server” button

Step 4: Now, select the “Server “time.windows.com” button and tap “update” option.  Choose “OK” button. Users simply need to click on the “OK” button

Step 5: Users must set a correct date & time to fix Microsoft office error code 0xc004f074. But if the issue is still not resolved then, continue to the next method.

Method 2: Disable and Re-enable DNS Host

If the above method did not resolve the error code then, apply this method as suggested by MS Office Tech Support experts.

Step 1: The very first thing that users need to do is to press “Windows Key” + “R” button and then type “regedit”. Press the “Enter” key now.

Step 2: You are suggested to navigate to the below-mentioned registry key:

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows” “NT\CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform’

Step 3: Now, as per as expert’s instruction, users are advised to create a New DWORD Value that is commonly known as “DisableDnsPublishing”. Here, one needs to set its value to 1.

Step 4: In this step, users need to disable DNS publishing option.

Step 5: At last, use supposed to re-enable it again by simply setting its value to 0.

Method 3: Check for the issues if found in your system time and date

It is quite possible that the above error code has been caused due to the modified settings of time and date. Quite possible that the client system’s time and date are not in sync properly with the server. As a result, the above error code has caused while MS Office client activation was in process. However, it is observed that if the user’s system time on the client computer as well as on the system time on the KMS host is found to differ by more than 4 hours, then this error may arise. So, it is suggested by the expert technicians to take care of the system time and date sync problems always. Further, users must use the Network Time Protocol (NTP) time source in this case. Also, they can configure Active Directory Service to synchronize time between client as well as the server systems on the specific network.