Netgear Authentication Problem: Quick Troubleshoot

Netgear authentication problem emerges when Netgear users are unable to connect to wireless because of the forgotten wireless password. They enter a wrong password, and as a result, the Netgear router shows an authentication problem. If you cannot recall the SSID or wireless network name, then Netgear will fail to authenticate your account. The absence of a network connection will stop Netgear authentication. This authentication problem seems to be more common on tablets and Android phones. You get an authentication error when you face this problem.

The authentication problem is a serious problem that needs a solution in the shortest possible time span. 


Indications of Netgear Authentication Problem

The points below will highlight that you are facing an authentication error.

  • The Netgear router’s wireless network is missing.
  • Your router fails to detect its wireless network.
  • Netgear router’s SSID is not visible.
  • You will face a  problem in enabling the wireless radio.

Sources of Netgear Authentication Problem

If your Netgear router and extender are not present close to each other, then you will receive the authentication problem message. Similarly, the wifi connection on your device may not connect to the security settings on your Netgear router. There can be an internal problem with the router. Hardware and software issues are not an exception to this case. The setting problem of the router is a key factor. If your Netgear router’s wifi is supporting an excessive number of devices, the authentication will fail. Your router can hide its SSID and can create disorder. Furthermore, an invalid IP address of the wifi client of your device can also be a big mess-up. There are also chances of a problem with the wireless network of your device. In most circumstances, Authentication failed error message pops up when the details of username and password do not match. A default DHCP instead of static IP can obstruct the authentication. Therefore, IP conflict is a vital cause of this error. In the case of Android phones, unconventional use of the Airplane mode intervenes with the phone’s ability to connect to a network.

A Solution in a Nutshell

Ensure that you have correctly entered your username and password. Modify the wireless network configuration by changing the setting of the IP address to static. Reset the network or wifi connection between your device and Netgear router. Make sure that the software of your device is up-to-date. A factory reset, most of the time, solves such problems. But remember to backup your device before carrying out this option. For once refresh all the network settings on your device. You can change the wireless network and after that try to reset the wifi connection. Make changes so that your router’s wifi is not supporting many devices.

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