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While using NetGear Routers, it is not a  big deal if you encounter errors. Technical problems are a part of these gadgets and in fact, there are part and parcel of any electronic gadgets that we come across today. One of the widespread problems with the NetGear Routers is NetGear Error 651 issue. Users face this error while trying to establish an internet connection. Here, in this article, you can find various reasons behind the Netgear modem error 651 and how you can fix it.

Reasons Behind NetGear Error 651

  • There can be a problem with the Modem or the Router causing the NetGear Error 651 to make life difficult for you.
  • Also, the wireless connection can be posing as a disruption resulting NetGear Modem error 651 issues.
  • The error can also occur due to misplaced or corrupt configuration files.
  • There can also be an IP address conflict generating NetGear error 651 code.


Apart from this, there are various reasons behind the NetGear Router Error 651. Furthermore, below listed are some quick ways to fix the Netgear error. Go through the points carefully and fix the error code 651 problem. If you find any more difficulty related to the NetGear connection error you can always connect to their professional at Support which provides ideal solutions for Netgear router issues. 

How To Fix NetGear Error Code 651

Some primary ways to fix the NetGear error code are as follows. Go through the following techniques and try applying them in your system to resolve the issue.

Reconnecting the Router

This step is the primary troubleshooting method you can apply in resolving the router related problem. All you need to do is detach the connection and reconnect the device back to your system. Simply turn the router off for a while and switch it back on again. If you have a LAN connection, then unplug and plug the LAN wire back again.

Creating a Dial-Up Connection

Sometimes your internet connecting device may freeze creating errors. Reconfigure the Dial-Up connection you are using. This should help in fixing the issue.

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