A Rapid Solution For Netgear Parental Controls Not Working ?

Netgear genie parental control is a very useful tool for parents. If Netgear parental controls not working, parents often get quietly worried.

After setting up a new Open DNS account through Netgear Genie, users were experiencing that the parental control app is not working. They also informed that the settings from netgear.opendns.com were not synchronizing with their OpenDNS account. Netgear router users come to their customer support portal for their Netgear parental controls not working. Furthermore, you may find it very hard to fix it yourself. Therefore, you can avail of their support to overcome your inconvenience at the earliest.

Reasons for Netgear Parental Controls not working

The dominating reason, in this case, is that Live Parental Controls on your Netgear router is off. If there is some problem with the router setting; this control app will not work. The OpenDNS Updater can create this issue. Parental control will not function if there is no connection between your network and OpenDNS. Irrelevant OpenDNS settings can also be the source of this problem. The lack of a favorable DNS will not allow this app to operate. We have found an OpenDNS IP issue with the Netgear device for most of their customers. A defective device is a rare case in this aspect.

If your website uses the IPv6 address instead of IPv4, parental control will not function. A recent Windows update on your device can be another cause of your trouble. Furthermore, if your Netgear device does not have the latest version of firmware, it will resist the parental control to work. Hardware problems also exist in some cases. If the device driver is missing on your computer, then your app will not work accurately. If you are using a wrong or unsecured wifi network, then this problem will emerge. Another circumstance can be that your computer has incompatible software packages.

How to overhaul if Netgear Parental Controls not working

Before proceeding further with your problem, ensure that your router is using an internet connection. Turn on Parental Control on your Netgear router if it is off. Disable the OpenDNS updater and verify whether it allows the smooth functioning of the control app. Establish relevant Open DNS settings for your Netgear. Discard any recent Windows updates especially, in the case of Windows 10. It is due to the reason that many Windows 10 users are facing this issue with their parental control app after updating their Windows.  Change the setting of your router if you find a complication with it. Install a favorable DNS for your Netgear. Reset the OpenDNS IP if it is the underlying cause. Update device driver and firmware for your Netgear device. Install such a software package that will complement your Netgear device.

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