Fix Outlook Error 421 With Easy Hacks | Help

While sending an email in Outlook, many users face Outlook Error 421 Cannot Connect To SMT issue. This error code pops up due to an incorrect configuration in SMT or SMTP. But, there are a few more causes which can trigger the error code. The most common reason is the wrong configuration of the Outlook account.

Knowing the reasons is very important to resolve the issue efficiently. If you do not comprehend the reasons carefully, then you will not be able to fix the issue entirely. There can be some firewall associated problems with your device which may prevent you from accessing Outlook. Thus, you may encounter such errors. Take a look at the essential causes behind the generation of Outlook SMT error.

What Makes You Face Outlook Error 421 Cannot Connect To SMT Problem?

  • There can be various issues with the Outlook configuration for which you might encounter this problem.
  • There can be several firewall related problems which may lead to the generation of Outlook error 421 in your machine.
  • Due to filtered traffic on port 21 you may also face such Outlook issues which may drag you into a more severe problem in future.
  • If there is interference due to a VPN network, you are likely to face such Outlook issues.
  • There can be some SMTP server issues due to which it may drag you into this Outlook the server responded 421 cannot connect to SMT problem.

Knowing the cause is essential for you as it helps in applying the exact solution after determining the causes. Outlook error 421 cannot connect To SMT issue is easy to fix but understanding the reasons is the central part that you should follow. Take a look at the ways you can apply to resolve the problem.

How To Resolve Outlook Error 421 Cannot Connect To SMT Issue?

Follow the essential steps that you can apply to settle the Outlook problem:

Step 1: Fix Outlook Configuration Issues

In case of newly configured mail account in Outlook, you may have made a configuration fault.  Also, if there is a spelling mistake in the server name, then you may face the Outlook error 421. This error will also prevent you from sending and receiving emails.

To resolve this problem, firstly go the Outlook Mail. From the file option, go to the settings. Choose the account in question and tap on the remove option. After the removal of the ID, click on the new button.

Choose the email option again and fill up the credentials. Click on the next alternative and wait for the settings configuration part. Conduct a test email and check if it works. In case it works, then your task is complete.

Step 2: Make A Change In The SMTP Port Number

After sending the test email if you re-encounter the problem, then that can be due to a wrong setting in the SMTP port. You will have to change the SMTP port number.  From the file, go to the account settings option and change the SMTP number from 25 to 465 and check its performance.