Quicken Error ol-301-a: Know Easy Ways To Eliminate This Error

Quicken is a free money management tool developed and marketed by Quicken Inc. It is popular for its stand-alone features. But, being a technical software, it is not completely free from errors. Various error codes and technical flaws take a toll on the work pace of users frequently. Among all of them, Quicken Error ol-301-a is the most frequent error you might face at any time. If you face so, then don’t worry. their Support can help you resolve it on your own. In order to resolve it at first, you should know more about the code first, to make your troubleshooting easier.

Why Are You Facing Quicken Error ol-301-a?

You may face this frustrating error code at any time while accessing your Quicken account. But, this error also occurs during the one-step update for fidelity benefits account. And there are other probable reasons to encounter this frustrating error code. They are-

  • Server Issue– You may face this error due to the server issue. Maybe the main server failed to complete the update. Thus, you are getting this error code.
  • Password error- Or, you may have entered a wrong password and encountering this code.
  • Network Error– You may face this error code due to a network error. So make sure that you are connected with internet. If not then connect with a secure and fast internet connection otherwise, your update process will be failed.

Hope you got the reasons behind this error. Now, let’s focus on how to fix Quicken error ol-301-a.

Methods To fix Quicken Error ol-301-a

There are so many easy methods to resolve this error code. Go through this article to resolve this error code easily.

Method 1: Make Sure That You Are Connected With Internet

You may get this particular error code due to a bad network connection. Firstly, make sure that you are connected to a secure and fast internet connection. Otherwise, your update process will fail.

Method 2: Reactive Your Account

When you face this error code, then reactivate your Quicken account. After the reactivating process, update your account again. It will take some time but your job will be done.

Method 3: Refresh Your Profile And Branding

You should try to update your branding and profile to resolve this error code. To do so, go to the Tools menu and then choose the online center option and tick on the Financial Institution Menu from there. Now go to the Financial Institution Branding and Profile menu and click on the refresh button to refresh. Your bug will be fixed.

Method 4: Check The Log Files

You should also check log files to make the troubleshooting process sharp. Go to the help menu and find “CONNLOG” as well as “OFXLOG” to scan those log files. After this process, try to update your fidelity benefits account again. Now, your work will be done.

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