Toshiba Satellite Error Code 0xc0000185: Get Easy And Quick Fixes

Despite providing some of the top-notch features, Toshiba Satellite Laptop sometimes may cause some trouble. There are many sorts of error that you may encounter on a Toshiba satellite laptop. Among them, Toshiba Satellite Error Code 0xc0000185 is one of the most critical error. When you face this error code, your work pace slows down and the laptop is rendered useless.

The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about it. their highly trained professionals are capable enough to decode the error message in a short span of time. This error indicates that Windows boot files are missing and is unable to load. This is quite a complicated error. So you can connect with to get rid of this error instantly. Reach us the moment you face a problem with your Toshiba laptop.

You can try some quick fixes, before seeking professional help. However, fixing the issue on your own may require a strong technical background. So, if you are heading towards the solutions, 

Fix Toshiba Satellite Error Code 0xc0000185 In An Instant

Toshiba Satellite Error code 0xc0000185 leads you to the BSOD error when the boot configuration file is missing. It may also appear from a corrupted boot file. Or there could be several reasons for the same, as it prevents the system from booting and access your personal files. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that your computer is not active and you can not use the system any longer. Following simple steps should resolve the issue in the first place.

  • Use Windows Installation Media to Repair

This is the Windows inbuilt utility programme, designed to automatically scan and repair the system. If the Windows refuse to boot up, this feature will help you detect the issue.

Restart your computer and navigate to the BIOS screen. Alternatively, you can use a recovery CD or drive. In the bootup screen, select repair your computer. Now click on advanced settings and then click on Troubleshoot select Automatic Repair from the option.

  • Check Computer Hardware

If the above solution didn’t help you resolve the issue, then you need to check the hardware connection. A glitch in the hardware can also lead to this issue. If you are not sure about the hardware, then you can take the help of their skilled technicians. We are available . So, reach us any moment you face the error.

  • Use Command Prompt Option

You can also check for the problem by using the command prompt option. To access the command prompt option, go to the Windows search bar and type cmd and press enter. From the list, click on run as administrator.

In the command prompt Window, type chkdsk/R and then press enter. It will check the Windows file for any error. Also, it will repair the system.

  • Reinstall Windows

Now as a last resource, you need to reinstall Windows from scratch. If some components of the Windows file are not installed properly, then this problem won’t be an alien to you. Reinstalling the Windows from the scratch should resolve the issue.