How to Fix windows 10 slow boot | Step By Step Solutions

Despite having so many incredible features, sometimes users face some terrible issue, like Windows 10 Slow Boot. It is a common problem. However, preinstalled Win 10 users may also encounter this error sometimes.

The good thing about the error, it is common. So, fixing the same should not take much time usually. The error should relate to general issues. In case, you face any difficulty, during the fixing process-

Why Windows 10 Slow Boot Issue Occurs?

There could be any number of reasons might be working poorly against this error. However, in most of the cases, over usage of the memory or slow processor may cause this issue. Sometimes, a fault in registry files may cause this issue too.

Though it’s rare but not unusual, a corrupted operating system could be the reason for the error. If the system memory is at fault then also this problem won’t be an alien to you.

Now, out of curiosity, how to make windows 10 faster?


 Windows 10 Slow Startup Problem – Quick Fixes

Fortunately, the fixes are not hard to follow. These are the quick fix steps; you may want to try. In case, you are confident enough to deal with the error on your own. Although, fixing the issue might require basic technical knowledge.

So let’s start with the Windows 10 slow startup solutions.

  • Win 10 has an inbuilt fast startup feature to reduce the startup time by pre-loading boot information. It works just like Hibernation, so, first, you need to disable the feature. You will find the option in Power option.


  • At this point, you need to disable High startup impact. When you enable the process, some unnecessary process may trigger on. Due to that windows may take time to load or increase boot time. In that case, disabling the method might do the trick for you. You can disable the process from task manager.


  • Even after performing the steps, the problem persists. As a last resource, you have to complete the fresh installation of your win 10. Please note, showing the actions may cause potential damage to the stored data. Make sure you keep a backup of your relevant data.