Fix Windows Defender Error Code 0x80240016 In Easy Steps

Windows Defender proves to be a very handy feature of Windows which can help the users get rid of unwanted spyware and malware programs. But we found a little problem while updating the feature, namely, Windows Defender Error Code 0x80240016. After the display of the error, the update process stops. Don’t worry, here we will give some troubleshooting tips to repair the error.

Windows Defender Error Code 0x80240016: Reasons

While scanning virus and threats through Windows Defender, users are encountering the issue. The Windows Defender Error Code 0x80240016 is an error in the system files when it is getting updated. The files which are required for the functioning of the tasks are now corrupt.

The error also might occur if there is another program running in the background. The program may block the resources of the processors and will not allow the windows Defender to work. If you are running the installation of another program or application while you try to update Windows Defender, then, will not work.

A virus attack to the files of the Windows Defender can also lead to the display of error. The virus can harm the normal working of the Windows Defender. Lastly, using a fake copy of Window can also lead to the problem. The pirated versions may contain some malicious threats that can hamper the normal functions of the system.

Quick Support Related To The Problem Windows Defender Error Code 0x80240016

To perform the fix, Microsoft recommends troubleshooter. But if you want to be your own tech support, here is what you can perform in order to fix the problem.

First of all, try to update the Windows. You can do it by going to Settings Folder from the Start Menu. Then you have to select the settings icon and then navigate to System Update. On the next step, Run Check For Updates.

Please ensure that the system is free of any type of virus or threats. Virus poses a major issue to the system and should be kept at bay. To make the system virus-free please use a good or trusted antivirus that can keep your system safe.

Also make sure to install an original version of Windows Operating System on your computer so that your system is safe. The Windows Defender works best on the original version of Windows.

You can also try to update the Windows Defender software and also its system files so that there is no error in the processes.