Windows Defender Won’t Update – Get Guidance To Fix

Windows defender is an anti-malware software that is inbuilt in Windows 10 operating system. But sadly, many users are facing problems regarding Windows Defender won’t update on their respective systems recently.

Most of these issues are related with Windows Defender not updating, and this happens when there is a lack in the internet connectivity. Sometimes there is a pop-up message coming up on your screen saying Windows Defender update failed.

To resolve this issue, instantly connect to their Windows helpline number. Software issues can’t be solved without any technical knowledge.

Possible Causes for Windows Defender Won’t Update

Windows defender is an anti-malware security software that is preinstalled on Windows operating system. But due to significant software conflicts, you can come across Windows Defender not updating error codes.

However, there are various reasons regarding this particular error message of Windows Defender. Below is the list of Defender error that you may come across.

  • Windows Defender update failed.
  • Unsteady internet connectivity.
  • Windows Defender update failure.
  • Windows update connection lost.
  • Update stuck in Windows Defender.

If Windows Defender isn’t able to update the download files, it can be caused due to the 3rd party software. Windows Defender won’t rise due to SFC scans stopped working.

However, there is a list of issues that can cause Windows Defender error. Don’t get worried because below you will find some steps that will fix Windows Defender won’t update issue instantly.

Simple Steps to Fix Windows Defender Won’t Update Error

Method 1: Fundamental Fixes

  • First of all, Check that whether their any 3rd party anti-malware software install or not.
  • If installed, then quickly uninstall the 3rd party software.
  • Click on start and go to programs.
  • Furthermore, select Windows defender and choose check for update.
  • If any pending update requires attention then update as soon as possible.

Method 2: Manually update the Windows Virus definitions

  • Click on start and go to windows security menu.
  • Carefully understand the follow the instruction given on it.
  • Update the Windows virus definitions manually.

Method 3: Verify the Windows update files

  • First of all, go to the Windows update portal.
  • Furthermore, update all the required and recommended files.
  • Make sure to check Windowsupdate.log file in the search box.
  • If any error occurs then update the file that requires attention.

Method 4: Set Windows Defender as Automatic

  • Press WIN + R and open the Run dialog box.
  • Next, type services.msc and hit enter.
  • Select Windows Defender antivirus service.
  • Right click on it, and go to properties.
  • Make sure the service is on running state
  • Finally, go to startup type and set as Automatic
  • Click on apply and then Ok

Method 5: Enable and run SFC scan properly

  • Go to start and open the Command prompt.
  • Open the Command prompt and run that software as administrator.
  • Furthermore, enter sfc/scannow and click enter.
  • Finally, reboot your system.

Still facing issues with Windows Defender not updating. Don’t lose your nerves. Windows support team here. go to official website at their Windows tech support team and get reliable support at your fingertips.