Here’s How To Fix Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EE7

Live conferences or emails have become quite an essential aspect of their personal or the official purposes. But, what if you turn to your Windows system to conduct an important discussion over mail and all you get is Windows Live Messenger error code 80072EE7.

This code alert generally appears while logging into the Windows Messenger.

However, there are several useful recommendations offered by the Windows experts from Support following which you can resolve the messenger issue.

Indications Of Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EE7

There are several indications to determine the presence of the Windows Live Mail error. Check if your Windows mail is also facing the same difficulties as given-below or not.

  • Sudden breakdown of any active window that is currently running in the system.
  • The frequent crashing of the computer’s operating interface.
  • Windows Operating System will process slowly. As a result, the system will respond slowly to the mouse or the keyboard input.
  • A sudden freeze of the computer for a few seconds while loading any file or a window in it.

An 80072EE7 error code can appear while installation any system program that relates to the Microsoft Corporation software.

For instance, during the runtime of the Windows Live Mail software, your system device may shut down. In some cases, while installing the updates of the Windows OS, the error may occur.

Keeping a report of where and when this Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EE7 takes place, would be helpful in troubleshooting the problem.

Reasons Behind The Error Occurrence

Here are some of the reasons that result in the above alert signals:

  • Downloading the malware corrupted Windows messenger software. Improper or incomplete installation or update can also be the cause behind the Windows Live Messenger error code 80072EE7.
  • Windows registry corruption from the similar software changes relating to Windows Live Mail (install and uninstall).

The spreading of viruses that have affected the system files or Live Messenger related Windows program files.

Furthermore, the presence of the maliciously or mistakenly taken Live Mail programs is another reason to affect the functionality of the Windows Messenger.

Expert Recommendations | How To Fix Windows Live Mail Error 80072EE7

  • Solution I:

Initially, you must verify if the date and time of your computer display settings are correct or not. Corrupt programs or Firewall setup, error, while installing Messenger, or enabled proxy link in Messenger or Internet Explorer, should also be corrected.

In case, the display setup is already set with the current date and time, then try to re-register the Softpub.dll program. It is because of the fact that due to the corrupted soft-pub file, Windows Messenger may not function properly.

To do further registration, just click on the start button to go to the main menu. Then chose the Run prompt from it. If you are a Windows Vista or 7 users, then use the start search bar. Next, enter the code Regsvr32 Softpub.Dil in the command prompt. Press enter key to continue.

Finally, try to sign in to the Windows Messenger again to see if the application is working properly or not.

  • Solution II:

If you still receive the Windows Live Messenger error code 80072EE7 on your PC, open the browser window. The Windows experts usually advise using Internet Explorer for browsing data.

Next, navigate to the Tools present within the main toolbar. Click on the Internet Options. Move to the Connections tab and select the Local Area Network Settings.

After that, uncheck the tick mark from the option of the proxy server for the LAN. Ensure if there is a check mark in the tab next to the Automatically Detect setup.

When you are done, click OK and try logging into the Windows Live Mail.

  • Solution III:

Still receiving the Windows Live Messenger error code 80072EE7? If yes, then try to troubleshoot the operating interface of your computer by deactivating the third party security program you are using.

In case your computer supports the Windows Firewall application, you can disable it on a temporary basis.

The steps to disable the third party Windows Firewall are the following:

  • Click on the Start menu to open the Run prompt from the main toolbar.  Next, enter the command Firewall.Cpl and press the enter button.
  • A new window will be prompted. From there, go to the General tab and make sure if the radio key beside the Off button is selected. Click on OK to proceed and try signing into your PC.

However, it is important to note that you should always keep the Windows Firewall enabled on your PC. Otherwise, your computer will be unguarded from the malicious files and activity.

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