Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EFD – Easy Tricks To Fix

Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EFD while signing into the messenger is one of the most complicated alert messages to resolve. It is perhaps due to the difficulty in recognizing the exact reason that causes it.

Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EFD – Why it Happens

The 80072EFD alert in the Windows Live Messenger is quite confusing to sort out but with Support, you can get easy solutions. Mostly, this particular error can be triggered by the following causes:

  • Interferences of the connection between the Windows Live Messenger and the Internet. It generally happens when the Windows Firewall program restricts the network connectivity.
  • Sudden damage and corrupt files of the security libraries that must be repaired in time to eliminate severity.
  • An inaccurate configuration of the Setting for the proxy server.
  • A restricted connection of the Messenger Service by some spyware applications.

The runtime faults (for instance, Windows Live Messenger error code 80072efd) can occur by a variety of technical factors. So, it is necessary to scan and troubleshoot each of the possible causes to remove the Messenger alert.

Possible Signs Of The Error 80072efd

  • The unexpected crashing of the active program prompt will indicate that the error 80072EFD is lying on your computer OS.
  • Repetitive breakdown of the PC’s software interface while running the same program.
  • Windows Live Messenger getting blocked every time you try to sign into it. And the dedicated error code will instantly pop on your computer window.
  • Slow processing of the Windows Operating System along with a sluggish response to the mouse or keyboard input.

Another possible indication could be the sudden freezing of your system while loading. The computer interface usually hangs or lags for an interval of a few minutes to run normally.

Well, these are only a few indications which appear during a software installation, or, while we run programs related to their Windows system. Other additional indications include faults during the Windows restart or shutdown, Windows OS installation, etc.

The Windows experts generally recommend keeping a track for all the 80072EFD errors. It helps in troubleshooting the Windows Live Messenger error code 80072EFD.


How To Fix Error 80072efd?

Below is the list of the troubleshooting methods to resolve the 80072efd alert. Simply follow the instructions. Apply them to see if you could subside the Windows Live Messenger error code 80072efd from your PC or not.

These steps for resolving your issue can consume a lot of your time and can get progressively more difficult. So, try attempting the steps as per the given order to avoid unnecessary effort and time.

  • Check The Windows OS Update

You need to keep a check on the necessary Windows OS updates. If any necessary update is available, then do it.

After you are done installing the recent updates, start up your computer for the changes to take effect.

  • Check Windows Firewall Status

Check the current status of the Windows Firewall. If it is enabled, then it will block the connection between the Internet and the Windows Live Mail.

In case you are unsure about the type of the security application, installed on your PC, go to Add or Remove Programs tab. This option is present in the Control Panel. Then navigate to the installed programs list.

Well, if you are the Windows Vista or Windows 7 user, click on Start to go to the Control Panel. Then move to the Programs and Features option for the installed applications list. Some of the popular instances of applications are Norton Firewall, Zone Alarm, McAfee, etc.

If the Firewall program was previously disabled on your computer, it might still restrict the Windows Messenger from accessing the internet.

Thus, the Windows engineers always recommend rebooting the computer, once you have allowed access to the internet.

For a shortcut way, you can try uninstalling the Firewall and reinstall the same. Then check if the Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EFD prevails in the system or not.

  • Repair Error 80072efd

Click Start and go to All Programs. Then navigate to the Accessories and right-click on it to go to the Command Prompt. Choose the Run tab as the admin.

A prompt will appear asking for the admin password or confirmation. Just type the dedicated password and click to continue.

Finally, try signing into your Windows Live Messenger.

  • Reset Microsoft Intenet Explorer Server Proxy Setup

Start with the launch of Internet Explorer. Then move to the Tools menu and click on the Internet Options.

Navigate to the Connections tab from the Internet Options. Then click on the LAN settings.

Untick the Automatic detection setup and confirm it. Then click OK to continue.

Once, you have checked whether your computer is now clean from all technical disturbances, try to sign in to your Windows Messenger account.

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