Resolve Windows Update Error 80070103: One Stop Solution

Windows operating system consists of many versions, and each version is better than the previous one.  Turning back the clock, many users still use Windows 7 and 8, while the rest use Windows 10. Though the translation is in good condition, currently, users get to see “Windows update error 80070103” while using the device. But why does this happen?

When Do Windows Update Error 80070103 Occur?

A thorough analysis reveals that error 0x80070020 occurs when one tries to re-install the device driver. This declines the performance level of Windows. Hence, it either slows down or stops altogether.  Check out the probable reasons for details.

  • Error 80070103 occurs when the current drive is re-installed. This interferes with the updates that the computer executes.
  • Error code 0x80070020 will also incur when command prompt option does not work. It is recommendable to use the latest software for this operation. Also, command prompt requires utmost attention.
  • The error code can also occur when other software interferes with the function of drivers. This error code can show up when antivirus programs and disk drive programs are working simultaneously.
  • An obsolete device driver can also lead to the problem. Error 0x80070020 occurs primarily in Windows 10 operating system. This can happen when the version of Windows you are using is outdated.
  • Bugs, viruses, malfunctioning folders and files all can be the reason behind the trouble. Recently, many hidden viruses are affecting the computer device. As a result, the machine freezes for a few seconds.
  • Extra unnecessary pile, commonly known as cookies, stay in the folder for a long time if not erased at the correct time. You should consider removing it right away.


What To Do When Error 80070103 Or 0x80070020 Takes Place?

Every machine is delicate and consists of so many complex parts. Often we end up seeing an alert message that says that the drivers are not working correctly. But there is a way to get rid of this. We can use two methods to resolve the matter at hand and that too in a short span time. Keep in mind that the error codes come from different sources and simple tricks may help you out.

  • Reboot your system when you receive the code  “Windows update error 80070103”. This error is substantially related to faulty drivers. This method usually works with Windows 7 and Windows 8. Repeat the same for error 0x80070020.
  • You can also install the driver manually. Just remember the website address, and you can do it yourself. Note them carefully.
  • Stop any update from occurring in the background. If the driver is not required, just delete it from the system. Otherwise, the update may just start automatically.

Trust Us To Resolve The Threat

The Windows update error 80070103 and error 0x80070020 can disrupt your PC if proper care is not taken at the correct time. You can solve the issue on your own.