200 Names of God Shiva for Baby Boy with Meaning (2023)

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These names of Lord Shiva are not only beautiful but also carry deep spiritual and mythological significance. You can choose a name that resonates with your family’s beliefs and values for your baby boy.

Hindu baby boy names with meaning lord shiva | Lord Shiva names A to Z

Name (English)Name (Hindi)Meaning
AghoraअघोरThe Transcendental Lord
AghorashivaअघोरशिवThe Merciful Lord Shiva
AmarnathअमरनाथThe Immortal Lord
AshutoshआशुतोषThe One Who is Easily Pleased
Bhagawan Shivaभगवान शिवThe Divine God Shiva
Bhagirathaputraभगीरथपुत्रThe Son of King Bhagiratha
BhagirathaभगीरथThe Ancestor of King Bhagiratha
BhairavaभैरवThe Frightful One
Bhikshatanaभिक्षाटनThe Mendicant Lord
BhootnathभूतनाथThe Lord of Ghosts
BhutapalaभूतपालThe Protector of Beings
BhutavahanaभूतवाहनThe Rider of Ghosts
BholenathभोलेनाथThe Innocent Lord
Bhasmashayinभस्मशयीThe Covered in Ash
Chandramouliचंद्रमौलीThe One with the Moon on His Crown
Chandrapidaचंद्रपीड़The One with the Moon on His Feet
Chandraprabhaचंद्रप्रभाThe Illuminator of the Moon
Chandrasekharचंद्रशेखरThe One with the Moon as Ornament
Chandrasekharanचंद्रशेखरणThe One with the Moon on His Head
ChidambaramचिदंबरमThe Lord of the Sacred Space
ChidambaranचिदंबरणThe One Clad in Space (the Sky)
Daksheshwarदक्षेश्वरThe Lord of Sacrifices
Dakshinamurthyदक्षिणामूर्तिThe Universal Teacher
Dakshinashwarदक्षिणेश्वरThe Lord of the South
Dhurjatiधूर्जटीThe Invincible Lord
Dvaimaturaद्वैमातुरThe Son of Two Mothers
GangadharगंगाधरThe Holder of the Ganga
GangadharaगंगाधराThe Bearer of the Ganga River
GangajalगंगाजलThe Holy Ganges Water
GangajatadharaगंगाजातधारThe Bearer of the Ganga on His Head
GaurishankarगौरीशंकरThe White-Throated Lord
Ghanashyamaघनश्यामाThe Dark-Complexioned Lord
GirijapatiगिरिजापतिThe Lord of Goddess Parvati
GirivaradhariगिरिवरधारीThe Bearer of the Mountain
GirivaradhayakगिरिवरधायकThe Consort of Goddess Parvati
Giritirthaगिरितीर्थThe Lord of the Sacred Mountain
HaraहरThe Remover of Sins
HrishikeshaहृषीकेशThe Lord of the Senses
JalandharaजालंधरThe One Who Holds the Poison
JatadharaजटाधारThe One with Matted Hair
Kaivalyaकैवल्यThe Embodiment of Liberation
Kaivalyadhamaकैवल्यधामThe Abode of Liberation
KailashadhipaकैलाशाधिपThe Ruler of Mount Kailash
KailashadhipatiकैलाशाधिपतिThe Lord of Mount Kailash
KailashnathकैलाशनाथThe Lord of Kailash Mountain
KedarnathकेदारनाथThe Lord of Kedar (Kedarnath Temple)
KapalamochanaकपालमोचनThe One Who Wears a Garland of Skulls
Kapaleshwaraकपालेश्वरThe Lord of Skulls
Kapardinकपर्दीनThe One with Tangled Hair
KailashpatiकैलाशपतिThe Lord of Mount Kailash
KaushikकौशिकThe Descendant of Sage Kaushika
KritivasaकृतिवासThe Well-Adorned Lord
LokankaraलोकांकारThe Creator of the Worlds
LokpalलोकपालThe Protector of the Worlds
MahabalaमहाबलThe Extremely Strong Lord
MahadevमहादेवThe Great God
MahakalaमहाकालThe Lord of Time
Maheshwaraमहेश्वरThe Supreme God Shiva
MaheshaमहेशThe Supreme Lord
ManikantaमणिकांताThe One with a Jewel-Adorned Throat
Mrityunjayaमृत्युंजयThe Conqueror of Death
NatarajaनटराजाThe Lord of Dance
Neelkanthनीलकण्ठThe Blue-Throated One
Nilakanthaनीलकण्ठThe Blue-Throated Lord
NilalohitaनीललोहितThe Blue-Throated Lord with Red Eyes
PashupatiपशुपतिThe Lord of All Creatures
Pashupatipriyaपशुपतिप्रियThe Lover of All Beings
Parvatipatiपर्वतीपतिThe Lord of Parvati
Pralayakartaप्रलयकर्ताThe Creator of Dissolution (End of the Universe)
Rudraरुद्रThe Roaring God
Rudrapriyaरुद्रप्रियThe Beloved of Lord Shiva
Sarvadevamayaसर्वदेवमयThe Embodiment of All Deities
Sarveshwarसर्वेश्वरThe Lord of All Gods
Sarvagyaसर्वज्ञThe All-Knowing Lord
ShankaraशंकरThe Giver of Prosperity
Shantakaramशान्तकरंThe Peaceful Lord
Shantipriyaशान्तिप्रियThe Lover of Peace
ShashishekharशशिशेखरThe One with the Moon on His Head
ShivaशिवThe Auspicious One
ShoolinशूलिनThe One with a Trident
Shrikanthaश्रीकण्ठThe Beautiful Lord
Shrikantaश्रीकंताThe Beautiful Lord
ShulpaniशूलपाणिThe Holder of the Trident
ShumbhaशुंभThe Slayer of the Demon Shumbha
Swayambhuस्वयम्भूThe Self-Manifested One
Trilochanत्रिलोचनThe Three-Eyed One
Trilokpatiत्रिलोकपतिThe Ruler of the Three Worlds
Trilokinathत्रिलोकिनाथThe Lord of the Three Worlds
Trinetraत्रिनेत्रThe Three-Eyed God
Trinetranathaत्रिनेत्रनाथThe Lord with Three Eyes
Tripuraत्रिपुरThe Slayer of the Demon Tripura
Tripurariत्रिपुरारीThe Destroyer of the Three Cities
UmapatiउमापतिThe Consort of Goddess Uma
Uma Shankarउमा शंकरThe Consort of Uma (Parvati) and Lord Shiva
Uma Maheshwaraउमा महेश्वरThe Divine Union of Parvati and Shiva
UmaipatiउमाईपतिThe Husband of Goddess Uma
Vaidyanathवैद्यनाथThe Lord of Healing
Vatuka Bhairavaवटुक भैरवThe Child Form of Bhairava
VrishabhavahanaवृषभवाहनThe Rider of the Bull
Vrishabhadhwajaवृषभध्वजThe One with a Bull-Flag
VrishabharudhaवृषभरुधThe Rider of the Bull
Virabhadraवीरभद्रThe Fierce Warrior
Virabhadreshwaraवीरभद्रेश्वरThe Lord of Fierce Warriors
Virupakshaविरूपाक्षThe One with a Unique Form

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