Fix iTunes Error 21 In Easy And Quick Steps | Get Help

Many iOS users encounter the iTunes error 21 whenever they try to restore their devices or tune into iTunes. This error 21 can occur due to multiple reasons including a software or hardware malfunction and even device damage issues.

In fact, this error can freeze your device anytime without any prior warning. Hence, the best way to deal with error 21 is to have adequate knowledge about its causes and apply suitable troubleshooting steps to resolve it. This article will cover the details on the iTunes 21 error and suggest easy ways to resolve it quickly.

An Overview Of iTunes Error 21 And Its Major Causes

Error (21) iTunes

Whenever you try to update or restore your iOS devices such as iPod, iPhone or iPad, it may generate this iTunes error 21. You may notice this error code in the form of pop-ups while connecting to iTunes from your iOS device.

 Causes of error code 21 iTunes

It may occur if the iTunes installation process in your iOS device was incomplete or corrupt.

If there is a corrupt binary file in your device’s Windows registry which is also connecting to iTunes, then you may receive this error code.

In case, your device is affected by malware or virus, it can corrupt iTunes as well as Windows files.

If you have accidentally erased iTunes files from your iOS device, it can show iTunes error code 21 while checking file authentication.

These are the most common causes of error 21 that you may face while connecting to iTunes from any iOS device. However, to know more about this error 21, contact Support team.

Easy Ways To Fix iTunes Error Code 21

Follow these steps to fix this error code 21 in iTunes:

Restart iTunes in iOS device

If the connection snapped between iTunes and iOS due to corrupt registry files, a simple restart can fix this error code 21.

Repair error 21 by updating iTunes

If you are using an outdated iTunes version, it can cause this iTunes error code 21. Hence, update this media management software and repair this issue.

Modify or turn off Antivirus program

In spite of iTunes being a safe software, the antivirus program running in your iOS devices can cause error 21. Hence, turn it off or modify settings by consulting with their Support team to resolve this error.

If these steps can’t fix error 21 in your iOS,